Arizona Cardinals cut Todd Heap

Veteran tight end Todd Heap viewed it as a dream come true to return to the area where he played his college football at the twilight of his career.

It’s unfortunate according to the Arizona Cardinals website, this was not a dream deferred, it was a dream deflated.

The team cut the decade-plus pro on Tuesday after he battled injury issues throughout a 2012 run that was preceded by a mediocre 2011 season.

Cardinal’s coach Ken Whisenhunt recently told the team’s site that Heap was due to return from injury but that was not to be the case.

Todd Heap “is just about to the point where he can play now,” Whisenhunt said of Heap’s knee injury in late November.

Heap is a two-time Pro Bowl star that flourished during his time with the Baltimore Ravens.

He has yet to comment on what his future plans are.

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