Asante Samuel launches postgame tirade on Andy Reid.

Atlanta Falcons cornerback Asante Samuel must feel a certain kind of way about being traded to the Falcons from the Eagles in the off-season.

He has been somewhat low-key during his tenure with the team until he exploded during the days leading up to the Eagles vs. Falcons faceoff in Philadelphia when he delivered sound bites galore.

After the Falcons soundly defeated the Eagles 30-17 he like other Falcons was happy to give quotes to the media.

Running back Michael Turner was somewhat graceful in what he said to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

“They gave us some different looks out there. We were prepared for everything. We knew we were going to have some un-scouted looks out there. We really couldn’t change too much.”

Samuel did not keep it strictly shop talk as he once again went in on a personal level.

Q: How did it feel?

A: It felt awesome, man, out there in front of all my fans that love me.  The best team after the bye week is us. It just felt good. That’s a good old fashion ass-whooping right there.

Q: You said (Andy) Reid didn’t want to talk to you, what was that all about?

A: Can you believe that? He didn’t speak to me. Like it’s my fault, like what did I do to you? You know what I meant? I think it was the way we was dancing out there; it got to him a little bit.

Q: Was that postgame?

No, that was like toward the end. It was a call. We got, we made that defensive call, you got to get it going.

Q: No, I meant you and Andy.

A: No, that was after the game, he didn’t want to speak to me. I went up to him, said ‘What’s up coach?’ I don’t know why.

Q: Looks like you defended Juan a little bit for him taking the fall there. How much should this fall on Andy right now?

A: Juan, didn’t he have the No. 12 defense in the league? Juan was doing pretty good. If that would have had me over there, they could have counted on at least one turnover.

Q: What’s the difference between this team and that team?

A: The difference between these teams? I think it’s the coaching. We got really good coaching, we run the ball. Time of possession is real good.

Q: Do you think Juan (Castillo) was unjustly fired?

A: Yeah, man, but he’ll bounce back. He did pretty good.

Q: Do you think Andy Reid deserves to keep his job?

Is that my call? What do you all think? I want to know what y’all think. Do y’all think he deserves to keep his job since you all ask me that question? I know you all going to put it on TV and word it how y’all want to so I’m going to ask it back first. You don’t know, I don’t know. Maybe if you had (No.) 22, all that talk wouldn’t be going on. I don’t really know.

Q:  Your receivers ran all over them today, is that kind of a little reassuring for you?

A: Our receivers are pretty good. They were doing real good out there, offense, defense, special teams.

Q: Could have used you?

A: They could have used me.

Q: The blame now, is it going to fall to (Michael) Vick?

A: You can’t always blame somebody. Sometimes you got to take the fall on yourself. Andy Reid, why didn’t you speak to me? What did I do to you man? I got nothing but love for you Big Red.

Q: They never spoke to you at all?

A: He wouldn’t speak to me, man, can you believe that? As happy as I am, he wouldn’t even tell me ‘great game Asante, I love ya man.’

Q: Who did speak to you?

A: All the players the players spoke to me, coach wouldn’t speak to me. I don’t know what that’s all about. We have to get to the bottom of that.

Q: Did you try to go to him?

A: Of course. I thought every coach was supposed to have a first-class mentality. I don’t think that was first class.

Q: What did he do when you tried to go to him?

A:  I was like ‘what’s up coach, I got nothing but love for you.’

Q: How was the reception from the fans?

A: Loved it, man. I loved it. I love the fans. They can boo me. They can cheer for me. Ain’t going to do nothing but add fuel to the fire. I love it, got nothing but love for you, Philly.

Q: Any memorable comments from the crowd?

A:  I don’t know. Didn’t you all hear the crowd? They was chanting something, I don’t know what the crowd was saying. What were they saying?

Q:”Fire Andy.”

A: I don’t wish that on nobody, even though I got done pretty bad. I don’t wish that on nobody. I don’t wish nobody get fired, but maybe something got to be done.

Q: Not personal?

A: No, nothing personal. It’s always business. That’s what they all told me when we worked our deal out. Howie (Roseman), Andy, it’s never personal. I don’t know why you didn’t speak to me, it’s not personal, it’s all business.

Q: Would that team be struggling if you were still over there?

A: No man. You all know that. We’re 7-0 over here baby, wouldn’t be no struggling. Everything would be good. It would be victory Monday if I were over there.

Q: Asante, how did you play today?

A: It was alright. I missed a tackle. I tried to go for the ball, it went on me. It’s all good. We got the victory though. Ain’t he the best coach after the bye week? False.

Samuel’s answers ran in CSN Philly and speak to a guy that is either really spiteful about being let go, misses his old team or some combination of both.


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