Atlanta Falcons clear stadium hurdle one day after humbling loss

The last thing that Atlanta Falcons fans wanted to wake up to was the news that the team has cleared another hurdle in its bid for a new billion dollar stadium.

Not on Monday. Not mobile casino games after the class of the NFC South was bested by a Carolina Panthers team that has a marginal secondary at best.

Atlanta Falcons OLB Sean Weatherspoon

That news was bundled with remarks from owner online casino bonuses Arthur Blank that the team will implement some form of the dreaded personal seat license (PSL) to help pay for the new outdoor shed.

“There will be some component of PSLs,” Falcons owner Arthur Blank told the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  “We’re going to try to keep that to the lowest possible number we can that’s feasible. It will not be in the range of some of the newer stadiums that you have heard table games video poker and read about.”

The city of Atlanta has never been noted for conducting itself as a sports town that will ride or die for its pro teams.

So do the Falcons really feel that the concept of pushing season ticket holders into paying a one-time fee for the right to buy season tickets will fly?

“Atlanta doesn’t have a history of PSLs … We’ll try to price them and position them in a way that will continue to support having the right kind of mix of fans in our building, “ Blank said.

Yes, the timing of a beat down at the hand of the lowly Panthers is certainly not what the powers-that-be were hoping for.

Atlanta has yet to put a championship product on the field and this administration and roster has yet to even win a playoff game.

The culture will certainly have to change if there is any hope for this new stadium deal is to be met with even a shade of enthusiasm from the general public.

The new stadium will also see a change in the team’s market-friendly ticket prices.

“Ticket prices certainly will change, but we will try to be consistent with what we’ve done in terms of our values and principles since 2001,” Blank said.

So back to that Panthers game, various players and coach Mike Smith discussed what went wrong with the AJC and how they plan on turning the corner.

“He’s a big strong guy. I could only get one hand on him. My job, I failed on that play. Whenever I get my hands on the quarterback I need to get him down. That’s on me. That’s my failure, defensive tackle Corey Peters said after he let Panthers QB Cam Newton wiggle out of a potential sack.

 “There are a lot of men in this locker room,” linebacker Sean Weatherspoon said. [Our coach doesn’t] have to say anything to get the guys going. We know how to win. We know how to play ball. Ultimately, when it comes do it, we have to bounce back.”

“We’ve just got to move on,” offensive guard Justin Blalock said. “We have gotten to this point because of a certain mind-set. You have to have a short-term memory and hope there’s not too many days like that one yesterday. But there’s going to be some.”

“A lot of teams get hot at the right time. They can string a couple of wins together and carry that into the postseason,” safety Thomas DeCoud said. “On the other side of the coin, you definitely don’t want to drop a couple of games going into the postseason, because that will be in the back of your mind and keep you from progressing in the postseason like you want to.”

“We didn’t play up to our standards in any phase,” coach Mike Smith said. “The first thing you have to do is make the corrections from the tape of the game. Believe me, there were plenty of them in all three phases.”

At the end of the day, a veteran summed up what the team faces in the immediate future.

“We have to come out against a real tough football team in the Giants and get this thing rolling,” tight end Tony Gonzalez said. “It’s only three games left to try to go out there and hit our stride. We can and we will.”

If they don’t, the push for new digs will be met with serious discontent.

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  • cphilano

    Sheesh man…Everybody on this team has manned up to not playing well in games this season except the ones who matter most for the offense, which are the offensive linemen. All we ever hear from them is “We have to move on…” The falcons aren’t going to move on without these offensive linemen taking some pride in what they do as professional football players.

    Watch any game this season and you’ll see that the offensive line gets pushed around. Sure Turner isn’t exploding to the line of scrimmage, but this offensive line is not consistently creating holes. Running backs can’t do well running the ball when two or three defenders are hitting them behind the line of scrimmage. When that happens it is not the RB’s fault. Rodgers is a small dude and he gets lost behind the linemen so its easier for him to hit some spots, but he hasn’t fared that much better than Turner as far as running the ball is concerned. And let’s just say that for the offensive line to not shield their starting running back but let him take the blame is bad form.

    I challenge the media to step up and have these guys take on some responsibility. Look at the tapes and ask yourself if there is any point in the season where the offensive line consistently pushes the defense backwards? How often does Matt Ryan have enough time to move a DB with a pump fake or go through more than one read? Brady, Manning, Brees, Eli Manning, usually have time to make reads, move DBs with their eyes or a pump fake, a nice pocket to move around in, but Matt Ryan has been doing without that most of the time. Time for the media to put the question on the offensive line for the Falcons, not just on its notable stars.

    Also, Atlanta’s receivers, except for Gonzalez, need to sharpen up their routes. White, Jones, and Douglas are talented receivers, but even I can see how ugly their route running has been. They create no separation for the most part. There are a ton of athletes on defense in the league, and route running technique is what will give them the advantage in match ups. The DBs can pretty much predict where the receivers are going just based on their poor technique.

    But please, as a Falcons fan, stop letting this soft offensive line off the hook for their play in these games!