Buffalo Bills declare that they will aggressively pursue a franchise quarterback in the 2013 draft.

The Buffalo Bills are done settling. In their case settling moving forward equals sticking current quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick either further down the depth chart or on the trading block.

Ryan-FitzpatrickTheir division the AFC East, hosts one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time in Tom Brady and a hot newcomer in the Dolphins’ Ryan Tannehill.

General manager Buddy Nix stated on Friday that the team will be aggressive in their pursuit of a new quarterback in the 2013 draft.

Nix went as far as to tell WGR-AM, via the Buffalo News that the Cincinnati Bengals have provided the model blueprint for what the Bills want to do.

“Let me say this: I think there’s a time that in the era that you’re in and the development of your team, there’s a time when you can move up a round to take a quarterback,” Nix said. “And I think the time’s now for us.

“I mean, if a guy’s there — I keep saying that, and there’ll be one out there — if the guy’s there, then I think we’ll target — as I’ve said before — drafting a good quarterback. We need a good, young quarterback, and we’re going to do our best to get him.”

“I look at Cincinnati [on Thursday night against the Philadelphia Eagles],” Nix said. “There’s Marvin Lewis. He’s been 10 years … I don’t know what their record was for the first six or seven years. Then they take A.J. Green and Andy Dalton. That duo has really turned them around and made them a playoff contender.”

You can’t question Nix’s logic as Fitzpatrick has failed to lead his team to a playoff berth.

So who could possibly be worth trading up for?

Current draft boards have the Kansas City Chiefs taking top prospect Geno Smith in the first round.

The Chiefs don’t make an ideal trade partner as they are even worse off at the quarterback position than the Bills are.

The Arizona Cardinals would likely show interest in USC’s Matt Barkley or Tennessee’s Tyler Bray if he is to elect to enter the draft in 2013.

One potential name that could tempt the Bills is Georgia’s Aaron Murray if he declares for the draft.

Murray recently spoke to the Atlanta Journal Constitution regarding the process that will surround his decision.

“I’m definitely going to think about it and pray about it and sit down with my family (to discuss it),” Murray said.  “But that’s not going to be probably until after the bowl game. I’ll sit down with my family then and really think about it. I have yet to write down anything. I like to write things down and to the pro-con thing and talk to my parents about it. I don’t want to do that until the bowl game. I just want to focus on Nebraska until that’s over. Then we can sit back and relax and discuss.”

Tony Dungy knows a thing or two about quarterbacks. He is gulping so much of the Aaron Murray Kool-Aid that he told Dan Patrick via the AJC article that he would take Murray over any quarterback in this draft class despite the knock on his 6’1 stature.

“I think if Aaron comes out, he’s a franchise quarterback,” Dungy said. “You get a chance to draft a guy and put him in place.”

Dungy has a relationship with Murray as his son played high school football with him.

“So I know the type of worker he is,” Dungy said. “He’d pick my son up in the mornings and go throw, really early Saturday or Sunday mornings. He’s been that way his whole life, just like Peyton.”

The following exchange took place between Patrick and Dungy.

“So you’d take him over Matt Barkley?”

“I’d take Aaron Murray,” Dungy said.

“Geno Smith?”

“I’d take Aaron Murray,” Dungy reiterated.

So who would he take if he had the No. 1 overall pick, Patrick finally asked.

“I would take Aaron Murray,” Dungy said without hesitation.

Back to Buffalo, the 2013 draft class will be incredibly shallow as it relates to quality quarterbacks.

As it stands, Kansas City, Arizona, Oakland and Jacksonville are QB hungry clubs would currently pick before Buffalo will.

The pundits such as Mel Kipper   are pushing other names ahead of Murray’s as being“pro-caliber” gunslingers that can change a franchise.

It’s too early to make a certain prediction, but Murray to Buffalo could be a possibility if Murray elects to come out as the Bills have made their intentions clear, that they want a game changer.

Buffalo’s coach Chan Gailey coached at rival Georgia Tech and still maintains ties to the area.

Murray may not be the option-style guy that Gailey tends to covet, but in his familiarity with what this young man can do certain could trump all.

Ask Tony Dungy.

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    so now that there aint one stinking good qb coming out they want to draft one should have done that last year and got rg3