Carmelo Anthony goes to bat for Mike Woodson’s return.

NEW YORK- As expected, Carmelo Anthony is lobbying for Mike Woodson to morph from being the Knicks interim head coach to the permanent one.

“Of course,” Anthony said as to whether he wants Woodson back as coach. “Just to see what he’s brought to our team, the confidence that he’s instilled into everybody, the belief that he has in everybody. Just his coaching style and the way he coached. Kind of a hard-nosed coach. Hold everybody accountable. I’ve been saying that. Everybody is responsible for their own actions.

“I would love to see him around here.”

The comments appeared in the New York Post as the Knicks embark on a playoff run that did not seem possible at the start of the season.

When coach     quit/was forced out/whatever happened, every heavyweight name in the book was brought out as the next guy to raise the roof in Madison Square Garden.

The leader of the pack was even former Knicks player/ championship savant Phil Jackson.

There is a funny thing about winning though. As long as it happens things seem to stay on an even keel and people stop throwing you under the bus.

The chatter around Woodson’s exit is still very much there, but it has yet to return its inaugural fever pitch.

To seal the deal the Knicks are not required to win a championship. They more or less just have to win one series to showcase what they are capable of underneath Woodson.

The only problem is that the series is against the Miami Heat.

Woodson is going on the record to say he wants the job but he understands what the deal is.

“I would love to come back. I think when you’ve been given an opportunity to start something, then you’d love to finish it but again, that’s not my call,” he said. “I think when the time comes, I’ll probably have an opportunity to sit down and talk to (Knicks owner) Mr. (James) Dolan and management about it. Hopefully it’ll work in my favor. But right now that’s not my concern. My concern is finishing these two games and getting this team in the playoffs and see how we can continue to play on. That’s what it’s all about.”

Yup, Mike that is exactly what it’s all about.

  • knickfan212

    Just should keep Woodson on.He’s done a good job with the team. There’s no other coach out there except Phil Jackson and I don’t think he’s coming. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.