Chris Paul travels to Colorado to talk Chauncey Billups into returning to the Clippers.

The Los Angeles Clippers definitely had their coming out party last season after laboring in misery for eons as one of the NBA’s worst teams.

The arrival of Chris Paul helped forward Blake Griffin elevate the group to the next level but it was the acquisition of veteran Chauncey Billups that brought stability and comfort to the team.

The Clippers did not fold after Billups went down after tearing his Achilles, but according to Paul who appeared at Billups’ basketball camp, they could not accomplish their ultimate goal without him.

“I tell people all the time had Chauncey not got injured we was going to win the championship,” Paul said.

So does that explain why Paul went to Billups’ camp in Colorado? Partly yes and no as Paul is a nice guy.

But still according to the statements made there that ran in the Denver Post, make no mistake about it, this was a recruitment mission.

“He knows my top priority right now is to make sure he’s back with us again next season,” said Paul

“That was the best backcourt mate I played with since I’ve been in the NBA. He just gave me so much confidence and made things so much easier for me. So I need him back and want him back with the Clippers.”

“I think it’s going well,” Paul said. “The top priority now is to get him healthy. I think that was the toughest thing for me. When he got injured I was messed up because I know how hard he works and how much he loves to play. It feels a lot better now because I know how hard he’s been working and I know he’s going to be back.”

Billups seemed to appreciate the kind words and the gesture but is not firmly committing to a west coast return as he is going to test the waters as an unrestricted free agent.

“I liked it a lot (in Los Angeles), but of course I would be crazy not to entertain any other offers that I might have,” he said. “That’s the fun of being a free agent.”

Perhaps Paul and Griffin should have headed out Parker, Colorado.