Clippers DeAndre Jordan vows to protect Blake Griffin. “It’ll all come back around.”

Yesterday, Players View discussed two issues that currently surround Los Angeles Clipper forward Blake Griffin.

Among those issues is the idea that his teammates must have his back when their opponents nearly decapitate him on these hard fouls.

This has become the option of choice over playing the victim role during his nightly highlight segment.

A few Clippers are stepping up to address this issue and how they plan to take care of Griffin.

“I feel like people are intentionally trying to hurt him,” Clippers center DeAndre Jordan said. “It’ll all come back around.”

Jordan also stated how they plan on getting it done.

“If Blake gets fouled, I can’t go punch someone in the nose,” Jordan said. “We can’t do that but throughout the course of a game, other fouls happen to other players on the opposite team and if they happen to be hard fouls, they happen to be hard fouls. We’re going to protect our teammates; it doesn’t matter who it is.”

The league can’t be happy with these you-foul-me-I’ll-foul-you-back-harder declarations of war. So either they can stop the madness or the Clippers will handle it themselves.

With a rematch of the New Orleans Hornets semi –brawl coming up tomorrow, the Clippers seem to have had enough.

A lot of emotion lives between these two teams. Since New Orleans really has nothing left to play for, will they do whatever they can to “try” the Clippers to further assert themselves?