Curt Schilling rips Alex Rodriguez for failing to be genuine.

Curt Schilling is not holding back his feelings this week at all.

curt schilling

On Wednesday he reached out to ESPN and discussed the Boston Redsox and in doing so made some allegations regarding PEDs.

On Thursday he fired it up again with ESPN and took aim at Alex Rodriguez.

When A-Rod’s name came up (as it always does these days), Schilling answered the question ‘ why does everyone hate Alex Rodriguez so much?’

His answer was direct and borderline lethal.

“It goes back to Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire, right? I mean, I thought Mark McGwire was a good guy, a nice guy. I didn’t think Barry Bonds was. I felt very different about them as cheaters. I’m disappointed that Mark did it. I wanted him to be who he said he was. He wasn’t. I’m mad at Barry; I don’t like him. It’s a personal thing; it’s personal for all of us. That’s why, because Alex Rodriguez has done and said things that people don’t like, like I have. People just aren’t going to like you. Ninety-nine percent of these people don’t know you. The fans know Alex by the things you say and do and by the things he says and does and by the things the media reports on him saying and doing. You don’t know these people.”

Schilling was pushed a little further with the follow-up comment of ‘ you don’t seem to like Alex Rodriguez.’

“He was easy not to like.  Because of the whole act. It was all an act and nothing — playing against him, nothing ever felt genuine ever. He always looked like he was trying to be as respected as Derek Jeter was. You don’t get that. You play for that. You don’t ask for it.”

Wow. Tell them how you really feel Curt.

Schilling is not alone in his assessment about the level of respect that A-Rod has demanded since he became a New York Yankee.

He is also not alone in how he feels about why the public feels the way that they feel about Rodriguez.

It’s open season on this guy and there is not much that he can do about it now.

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