UPDATED:Dez Bryant authorized to break Dez rules at club.

The infamous Jerry Jones rules for Dez Bryant made quite an impact on the net a few months ago.  Once they arrived, the powers-that-be came forward and stated that they were not Jones’ rules for a wayward star player.

The story became that the rules were in fact put in place by Bryant and his team to keep things on track.

One of the most infamous demands was that Bryant could not hit the nightclubs or strip clubs.

I guess the rules may have a provision for them that states that in the case of a mid-season semi-injury that Bryant can bend them at will.

The wide receiver with the injured hip, was allegedly at Dallas hot spot Privae on Friday night getting his boogie on as witnessed by a series of tweets by the club’s visiting DJ, DJ Klassick.

Personally, I think that the entire experiment was a joke to begin with. A grown man should be able to come and go as he pleases.

That same grown man however, should also understand the value of curfews, conditioning and preparing one’s body to face an undefeated team.

Regardless as seen below, Klassick may have been forced to take down the cover-busting tweets.

Oh what a tangled web we weave.

UPDATED: Bryant’s adviser Davis Wells told ESPN that Bryant was authorized by the team to be at the club.

“He had a security person there with him and some of his teammates were there too,” Wells said.

  • david

    Dez Bryant is adisfuntional adult. He’s proven that he lacks maturity.He can’t function with adult supervision. What a joke! Jerry shoud be proud.

  • http://twitter.com/shaner021 Shane Richardson (@shaner021)

    BSO has since posted that he Cowboys authorized Bryant to be out.

  • john

    who cares

  • http://www.msn.com jordan matthews

    so what he was late for curfew every once in a while you can have fun and yes he had a big game but if ur out having a good trie you loos track of time. and if the cowbyos themselves were going against an undefeated team then mabye the coaches should start worrying about their line holding up more for romo so that dez and austin and witen can get yards gained instead of being sacked duh