Eli Manning backs Roger Goodell on Bounty Gate

As DeMaurice Smith gets his war chest together to take on the NFL for the suspensions of Jonathan Vilma, Anthony Hargrove, Will Smith and Scott Fujita, he might want to gauge the temperature of the union as whole.

Another profile player has come forth to not only slam the bounty system but to also back the league’s ruling. This one happens to be Eli Manning who shared this opinions on a conference call to promote his appearance on Saturday Night Live.

“I think he’s doing the right thing to make sure this doesn’t ever happen again,” Manning said. “There’s no room for any type of bounty system in the NFL. You have to respect the game.”

“I think he’s been harsh to try and prove, to make a statement,” Manning said, “that there is no place for this in the game of football.”

He’s a quarterback from a family that was built by a quarterback.  Of course he’s going to a large degree feel this way.

The problem is that he’s a player. The NFLPA is allegedly intact to protect the interests of the group.

How can you protect the interests of certain portions of the group that were trying to dismember other portions of the group?

It only makes sense for the NFLPA to step away from this and allow the individuals to represent themselves or as a collective amongst themselves in this process.