Eric Dickerson opposes Adrian Peterson breaking his record.

Eric Dickerson has a lot to be proud of. The running back accomplished a great deal during his NFL career.  Mentally he is still holding onto the one thing that apparently matters the most to him: his single season rushing record. 

cardboard-icons-eric-dickersonDickerson told CBS Sports that he does not want Minnesota’s rushing phenom to break his record.

“I don’t want him to break it,” Dickerson said. “I’ll be honest. I don’t want to see it. If anyone ever broke it, and if my son played football, I’d want my son to break it. But that’s it. No one else.”

That sounds extremely bitter as most retired players at least act like they are ready to pass the torch to today’s superstars.

Dickerson did find room to say some positive things about Adrian Peterson.

“Adrian is a class guy,” Dickerson said. “I don’t watch football any more. I don’t watch sports. I just see the highlights. I see his highlights and he’s a great player. I don’t want him to break my record, but I wish him the best.”

“Again, he’s a phenomenal player and seems like a good dude. If a player was to break it, I’d probably want it to be Adrian, but I like having the record. I don’t think it’s going to be broken.”

Dickerson may have a point. To eclipse Dickerson, Peterson has to average 168.3 yards per game over the next three games to get it done.

“As I got close to the record, teams got nastier and nastier,” Dickerson said. “In one of my final games against Houston, they started saying and doing some things I didn’t like, so I took it out on them.

“Defenses are going to say, ‘This guy isn’t setting the record against me.’ They will be mad and do whatever it takes to stop him.”

“What he will see is that to set a mark like that, everything has to be perfect. The offensive line play has to be perfect. You can’t fall behind badly. You can’t get hurt. You can’t have your players get hurt. You can’t catch the defense on a day when they’re playing perfect. Weather conditions have to be OK. Everything has to be perfect.”

“Hey,” Dickerson said, “he’s got a chance. He’s close and any time you’re close, you’ve got a chance. But we’ll really see what he’s made of now.”

Considering that Peterson is rebounding from an injury that has cut short careers, I think we have already seen what Peterson is made of.

However, Minnesota’s last three games are against St.Louis, Houston and Green Bay.

What do you think? Is Dickerson right? Or will Peterson set the record?