Falcons WR Julio Jones shaves off his dreads.

photo credit:Curtis Compton/AJC

In his rookie 2011 season the sight of Julio Jones flying down the field with his http://koz-hir.hu/?p=online-sports-betting deadlocks rocking in the wind was commonplace.

If you mobile casino games liked it, I hope you captured on DVR because you won’t see it again. Jones recently cut all of his dreads off a donated them to charity according to the AJC.

“We do a lot of community service here, and from going to a lot of hospitals and seeing all the kids who are fans of mine, I just cut my online casino bonuses hair and donated it for leukemia patients,” Jones said.

Falcons coach table games video poker Mike Smith seems to feel that the loss has stepped up his game.

“There is a little less weight on the top of his head with his dreads gone, but he’s had a very good camp for us as you saw today,” Smith said. “He made some very nice catches, and he’s been making those types of catches all through camp.”

Whether or not the hair loss makes him more aerodynamic is debatable, what is not is that the Falcons are counting on Jones to do big things in 2012.

  • http://www.bclarkalexander.com Bobbie Clark

    Love It! Go Julio, do your thing! I’m glad he loss the dreads. He’s a man and don’t need all that hair shakin around getting in the way of him catching that ball. Handsome man growing up and ready to rock that field for the Falcons this season is what he’s doing! Go Julio!!!

    • http://yahoo beverly

      I Love the new look. I like it when a person has hair that looks like you could just run your fingers through it with no problems. I find that to be sexy and exciting. lol