Five things Cam Newton must change

Carolina Panthers fans that have found their way to this story, please do not take this piece the wrong way.  I agree with you that you have perhaps the most dynamic in the game today.

But for all of his physical tools that come complete with the electric smile, there elements of Cam Newton that if they are allowed to fester will hold your team down until he figures some of it out.

#1 He Needs To Stop Pouting When Things Go Wrong

To be sure that this point was 10000000-percent on target, I went back and watched a lot of 2011 footage from various Panthers defeats.  I also went back and peeked at the two games that Carolina has lost this year.

The fact is that when the going gets tough, Newton isolates himself on the bench with a Gatorade towel over his head as he smacks his gum like a three-year old that’s in timeout.

As the quarterback of his team, his body language sends a message to all that are involved.

#2 He Needs To Drop The Superman Celebration When The Panthers Are Losing

Miraculous comebacks or severe beat downs makes that show worth watching.

In those moments, he’s earned the right to transform into whatever superhero he wants to be.

Hell, he and Steve Smith can slap on a couple of decoder rings, bump fists and say ‘ Wonder Twins power activate,’ if they so choose.

But to celebrate when you are getting your tail kicked looks foolish and immature.

It also sends a message that you’re cool with whatever happens as long as you get a score or two on the stats sheet.

#3 He Must Learn How To Lead

Remember the stop pouting point? Good because when a person changes one action they must replace it with another.

Instead of spending the third and fourth quarters all by his lonesome looking like as pitiful as he can be, Newton can fire up his squad, look at defensive snapshots from the booth, talk to his receivers after turnovers and generally do his job.

To be the quarterback that the Panthers are paying him to be, he must  learn the lesson that Mike Vick did not figure out until after he went to jail.

Despite being a mobile quarterback with a big arm there are other things that must be done besides figuring out how to get your highlights on the NFL Network.

Until Newton gets this idea down pat and under his skin, he’s really only of service to fantasy football owners and so far this year even they are upset with him.

#4 The Art Of The Comeback Starts With Him

Every Hall of Fame and Super Bowl caliber signal caller has stories to tell for days about the come-from-behind victories that they put together over the course of their career.

How can Newton build that part of his resume when he starts to bug out when the Panthers go down by 14 points or more?

If he is indeed Superman, he will start to view himself as the servant leader that is there to help Steve Smith end his career with greatness.  He will understand that he has a chance to make Brandon LaFell the next great Panthers receiver. It will sink in that DeAngelo Williams will only go as far as his next checkout down or audible will take him.

In short, Cam will forget about Cam and only worry about others.

#5 He Must Become A Student Of The Game

Newton’s game is still rooted in his god-given ability. He naturally can see the field, make pretty good decisions and create magic with his feet.

Those things come natural for him.

So how dangerous would he be if elevated the cerebral nature of his game?

If he has, he is not putting it on tape because there is so much more that he can do to manipulate safeties, change the pre-snap tempo at the line of scrimmage and generally keep defenses uncomfortable.

The season is still early, but Cam looks to be settling with the sticking with what got him here and not pushing for a higher level of play.



  • Neel Calhoun

    You have adds that run down the middle of this column that block the story and they can’t be moved. Not good.

    • Hurricane-PV

      Hey Neel,

      The ads are actually various videos on Newton that should be of interest to anyone reading the list.So that you can enjoy the piece, I am going to move them all to the back end of the story. Thanks for the comment.

  • BigBlack

    All five steps are on the money. Be a leader Cam, U love the game so now go out and prove it. Sitting on the sidelines with a towel over your head does no one any good. U can be the Magic Man of football, with that smile. Remember life begins after football, look what the Magic Man has done after Basketball.

  • Robert

    IF and only if Cam can quit showboating,and start be a professional only then progress might start to improve, other than that they are just a 500 team, He needs to grow up hey Cam its not about you.

  • A Mills

    I’ve NEVER read more true statements in my LIFE!!! I’m from NC and DONT pull for this team. I’m a die HARD PEYTON MANNING fan and will be forever, and got a great basck up in Eli (HINT HINT C-L-A-S-S SIR CAM!) Cam Newton YOU ARE GOOD lets start there BUT you act like a fool. Ref’s have to get your attention from celebrating like a camera hungry animal in order to get the game back on track. A QB is the LEADER. Lead with some class and maybe all your obvious talent might get your team somewhere. You are not a super hero you are HUMAN! All the letters to the Local paper and show boating can’t assure VICTORY, however learning how to lead with and saving the celebration till the fat lady sings would make you look like a team player, a leader with an IQ and a good QB! There’s other people out there besides you CAM~~are you aware of that???? Not that I expect to see a change but the Time out three year old comment is how you look, maybe you should watch THAT tape footage this week in practice and shorten your dances by at least ~~~Well ALL TOGETHER you look stupid, grow up!

    • Tea

      Why is his I Q low? I will tell you why, because you think people that act like cam is stupid because you don’t think he should dance. So what if he dances does that make the gaurd blow a blocking assignment. So what if he likes the camera, does that mean he is not studying film. It seems to me that you want him to be like you would be. People have been dancing in the end zone for years but when Cam does it he’s a fool. You say that because many including you don’t want to see change in the heralded QB position but you think you don’t like him because he dances. You DON’T Like him as a person, and you mask it by making insulting remarks as it pertains to football. Guess what there’s millions that like his dance, I guess there stupid too. Got a feeling you will justify my point with your response.

  • CHE

    Carolina got the guy, but only thr guy. Not a team player. It has always about I AM CAM NEWTON. Will never be about the team. BAD DRAFT CHOICE.

  • Tea

    Why is so much emphasis place on the towel over Cams head? If he takes it off will they win? If he takes it off will the secondary play better if Joe Flacco puts a tile on his head will Ray Lewis miss Tackels? The problem is not the Towel ladies and gentlemen, he is on a BAD football team. If Panther fans will make noise in the right direction ownership will be forced to make the right moves, but we are worried about a TOWEL!!! And they sit back back and keep the same scubs around because this ignorant fan base on talks about the QB spot. The is so much that has to happen for a QB to do well and the Panthers have never fixed the weak spots, but they know they can continue to not address the real problem because they know everyone is watching the TOWEL. The owner instructed Cam not to grow his hair when he drafted him an Brady hair was down his back, drafting Cam was solely a Business move and they are milking it to the last drop. The National media only hears the chatter but the real panther fans know that the smoke and mirrors are being utilized.