Geno Smith lashes out at critics of 2013 QB class.

West Virginia Mountaineers quarterback Geno Smith is a special talent that should transform himself into a longterm starting quarterback within the NFL.

Geno Smith

His work ethic has more times than not been lauded.

Yet even he is getting tired of the disrespect that his class of quarterbacks has been subjected to.

Smith appeared on NFL AM, via NFL.Com and stated that

“Everyone hears all that talk … about us not having a quarterback class that can live up to last year’s quarterback class and as a competitor I take that very personal. I want to thank them for continuing to fueling that fire and allowing that chip on my shoulder to grow,” Smith said.

Smith went on to state that he and FSU quarterback E.J. Manuel have spoken and that will both perform at a high level when  their numbers are called.

“We’re going to go into this thing prepared. Prepare ourselves to be starters and go out there and try to win games,” Smith said.

Smith also posted on his Twitter account that he’s ready to prove the doubtors wrong.

This time next year, will we be saying Geno was right?

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  • Walter Stevens

    They doubt youngn, black quarterbacks every year. There have been quite a few that have crumbled under fire. I don’t believe that Smith is one of those. He is ready and will be there for a long time