Georgia Tech sends potential recruit Charles Mack 52 letters in one day.

So the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets love safety Charles Mack. At least that is the message that they are sending the potential recruit from Norcross, Georgia.

Last week, Mack got a huge and we do mean huge surprise from the Atlanta school.  The team dropped 52 letters, handwritten and otherwise on the Wesleyan candidate on the same day.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, out of all that mail, there was not a single offer for a scholarship.

“I opened it up, and it had typed letters, hand-written letters, newsletters from the school … 52 in all,” Mack told the AJC.

“I was shocked and surprised. I started reading all of them, and I still haven’t finished.”

Mack’s father, Charles II also played fullback for Tech back in the day. He was obviously thrilled to see the package hit his doorstep.

“For them to send 52 letters through the mail in one day, including a personal letter from each coach on the staff, it spoke highly of Georgia Tech … As an alum, I was excited for my son. Of course, Georgia Tech has a wide array of things to offer. I think it would be a great fit for him. But at the end of the day, it’s going to be his choice.”

The school holds the defender and his family in high regard. The Players View question is are they pushing this hard to get a QB in the fold that can get them over the hump?

They run the option so it’s apparent that as long as they get a kid in there that can run a little bit that they are satisfied with what they have.

However, anybody that watched their crash and burn against the Georgia Bulldogs last season can tell you that their real area of need is at the gunslinger position.

It’s amazing that they will jump through so many hoops to make any young man feel special, but if they don’t produce at their biggest void what does that tell their fan base/alumni?

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