Georgia will not allow recruits to attend Florida game

On Saturday one of college football’s greatest traditions will once again play itself out. The University of Georgia will meet the University of Florida on neutral ground for what is widely considered as the Cocktail Bowl.

Having attended the affair, it can be said will all sincerity that the Cocktail Bowl is a southern slice of sin unlike any other.

Although it’s a tradition that future prospects will headline, UGA athletics director Greg McGarity told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that he won’t invite football recruits to the affair.

In June, the SEC amended the rules to allow member schools to give complimentary tickets to prospects when they are the “home team” at a neutral site.

“I think the NCAA rules come into play on the decision that both institutions have agreed up because you cannot have any contact with any recruits … none of our football coaches or recruiting staff (because the game is at an off-campus location),” McGarity said.

“In essence, the only thing you would be able to do is have a ticket office staff member provide the recruit with a ticket to the game. My decision is based on the same theory, same justifications, and same reasons that we’ve had all along.”

Being that both Auburn and Alabama took advantage of the rule does not sway Georgia one bit.

“No, the Alabama and Auburn situations didn’t make me look at our decision any differently,” McGarity said. “The bottom line is this: If you can’t even communicate or talk (to the recruits), they are basically just getting a ticket to the game and going up in the stands, just like any fans.

“In our case, with the game being such a hard ticket, I don’t think either school is in a position to take tickets from people that have been attending that game for a number of years, as well as your student body. “

There is some truth to those words but there also has to be that idea that the school does not want their potential high school age investments getting faded and/or being terrorized amongst the revelers without any sincere school guidance.

Georgia has endured enough controversies in a similar regard and McGarity is certainly not trying to play chicken with fate.

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