Gold Medal Skier Lindsey Vonn Owes the IRS $1.7 Million.

Olympic gold medal-winning skier Lindsey Vonn is obviously needs every second of today’s tax extension.

According to a report that ran yesterday in the Detroit News, she owes the IRS more than $1.7 million in delinquent federal taxes.

The agency currently has placed a lien against her and her estranged husband Thomas..

The monies are all owed from the year 2010. To her defense she has gone through divorce issues which most likely is at the heart of this entire situations as people divvy up “ what’s yours and what’s mine. “

She commented on the situation.

“It is no secret that my last year off the mountain has been filled with many personal challenges. This matter was only recently brought to my attention and I took immediate and deliberate steps to remedy the situation. I have made arrangements to pay in full the balance due.”

So no, you won’t see Vonn doing a whole lot of inappropriate things to get her money up.

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