High school QB ejected from game for impersonating Cam Newton

We teach our young football players to work hard, play harder and to win and lose with dignity.  But we can not always cast a larger shadow than the pro athletes that they aspire to emulate.

Take the case of a young North Carolina quarterback by the name of Jalan McClendon who obviously looks up to Cam Newton.

McClendon was ejected from a playoff game on Friday for doing Newton’s “Superman” touchdown celebration semi-dance after he scored.

The charge was unsportsmanlike conduct and the penalty was pretty harsh.

Having coached youth athletes I understand why the rule was enforced.

However, at the high school level the kids are not pampered by coaches, fans, opposing teams or their own boosters.

They can handle an opponent showing out a little bit.

The sad thing is that apparently McClendon is a pretty good kid.

His coach Jeff Caldwell told the Charlotte Observer that he was just living in the moment.

“It’s a good learning experience for him,” Caldwell said. “With him being in the position he’s in, he should know better. He’s a young kid. My kids have never been in a situation like this before. I’m just happy for Jalan and that it came out all right.”

“I’m glad he wasn’t severely punished for something where he was just having fun. He’s not the taunting type. At Tennessee (team camp) this summer, they were always asking ‘Why don’t you get excited?’”

The good news is that McClendon will get a chance to play again in this weekend as his team marches towards a state title.

Jalan can ball by-the-way. Check out a video of his highlights below.

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  • mel erny

    Wish somebody would take action against Newton. Poor lad simply cannot seem to get past being a black quarterback, rather than being good NFL quarterback. Newton is not having a sophomore slump. He has simply gone down as a player. His throwing technique has totally gone south. Much of the reason is very likely due to Grease, his QB coach. Grease was a bad quarterback. His father was only a pretty good QB, but on really excellent teams. Newton needs the influence and instruction from a proven QB or QB coach, who will assist him with his overall demeanor as wells as his fundamentals.

  • http://yabarer.com bill

    mr erney #1 grease is not the qb coach (greise) was a qb at miami and purdue, hi son was a decent college qb. try shula, don shula’s son for qb coach.

  • http://www.facebook.com/epictitan Joseph Putnam

    well thats Scottish people for ya…jk

  • Josh

    So people celebrate. So what. It’s a game. People are just trying to have fun. Just don’t delay the game too much.