Jay-Z’s need to succeed as an agent will end Robinson Cano’s time with the New York Yankees

Robinson Cano-/ Jay-Z

The New York Yankees offseason moves need to be aggressive, yet smart, for the team to be able to bounce back into the conversation of teams that can compete in 2014. Even though the Yankees need to be aggressive, this does not mean they need to be foolish. Being foolish would be giving free-agent Robinson Cano a ridiculous 10-year, $310 million contract.

One of the first thoughts when Cano dumped super-agent Scott Boras and went with his new agents at CAA, a group headed by rap mogul and Brooklyn native Shawn Carter, aka Jay-Z, was that the Yankees would get some sort of home town discount.

Anyone that has followed Jay-Z’s music career or anything that he is involved in should not have expected anything but a man out to get his client the best deal, regardless of where he is from or who his favorite baseball team is.

Carter did not go from a hustler who could rap, to one of the most financially successful hip-hop artists and entrepreneurs in America because he was not aggressive, smart and very good at getting what he wants.

Representing Cano will be no different and Jay-Z seems to be very hands on in these negotiations. There have been some moves made that have seemed like “dirty pool” by the new agent. One of these moves was Cano’s team sitting down with the New York Mets. No one really thinks the Mets will sign Cano, but this move got the attention of the Yankees, because losing Cano to the “other” team in New York would be worse than losing him to a team like the Boston Red Sox.

Some have been surprised by the brash nature and hard-core approach by Jay-Z in these negations but they should not be. If anything, it shows he can really be a successful agent and is more than just a face to a company, as many first thought he would be when he decided to get into this field. The thing about Jay-Z is he has never failed at anything he has done in his professional life, so it is hard to believe he is going to fail at being an agent, or does not know the “how to be a great agent tactics.”

The group representing Cano, the biggest free-agent in MLB this offseason and one of the biggest names in New York, should realize it’s time to drink some of that reality potion being handed out by Yankees’ brass.

There are things going on inside the Cano negations that are bigger than just the Cano deal. One of the things is that this is a new agency, headed by a man who is new to this game, and they need to get this blockbuster deal for Cano. Not just for Cano but for the agency as a whole because it will put them on the map and open the door for many new clients to walk through, which ultimately makes CAA even more money. This is something that worries me as a fan of Cano, because I think his deal is being used as a spring-board for CAA as much as it is about getting Cano what is best for him as a player.

A great deal for Cano will get more high-profile players flocking to the company; it will also show that this was no joke or publicity move by Jay-Z. He will again prove those who doubted him wrong and will put his stamp on the sports agency game as a big player.

By bringing in those big name players it will also bring in a lot more money, which is ultimately what any new company wants to do. I think with Jay-Z it is even deeper than just money since he has so much. I think it is another chance for him to really move up the ladder as one of the most powerful men in the world of business.

With Jay-Z it’s like the money is secondary to the respect; again, being the best at what he does also seems to drive Jay-Z the business man. Being part of this company and getting Cano a huge deal, as well as proving he can be a success at something else is what I think lights the fire inside Jay-Z.

Jay-Z needs to prove CAA is not a joke and set a precedent, showing they are on their way to being the best. There’s no better way to prove that than by getting the best deal in MLB history for his first big client.

So how does this affect the Yankees?

One thing is a definite, even though Jay-Z has had and continues to have success at just about everything he does, the Yankees organization has been dealing with big contracts, big egos and big-time agents since Jay-Z was running around the play grounds in Brooklyn, so he better get his game right and realize he may be smart, but the Yankees will not cave and fall for moves like going to meet with the Mets.

The Yankees’ reportedly offered Cano five-to-seven years for $160 million, which is about $23 million a year, a deal that is not only fair but one that may not be on the table a few months from now.

Jay-Z and his agency should be careful as they shop Cano around, because when they realize no team will meet their unrealistic demands and the deal is gone, what will they do then?

The Yankees have already said multiple times they will not give Cano a 10-year deal, which I think is the right move, because the team should never go down that 10-year deal road again. But the deal the Yankees have reportedly offered seems very fair and likely the best deal Cano will get.

When Yankees’ president Randy Levine says, “We want Robbie back; we think Robbie is terrific…..But we have no interest in doing any 10-year deals and no interest in paying 300 million to any player,” then reiterates what every high-ranking official for the Yankees has said, yet in a more direct way saying that, “until he gets a little more realistic we have nothing to talk about,” the CAA agency and new agent Jay-Z better think very hard about how they play their hand in what truly is like a high stakes game of poker.

The Yankees were great before Cano was even born and will be great after he is gone. Now it is just matter of what does Cano as a man and player wants to be involved in; the chance to be known as a Yankee great, maybe one of the greatest Yankees ever, or a man who left that chance on the table because of a few years.

Many fans jump at every crumb of information when it comes to this deal and most think that if Cano does not come back the Yankees will be done forever. Well the reality is the Yankees should never sign another 10-year contract with anyone, especially for that much money. The team has learned its lesson and they know what other teams are willing to spend, as well as the market value for Cano.

This situation is long from over but there are a few things that can be taken from the early part of this game – Jay-Z is very involved, yet very green in this world, no team is going to give Cano a 10-year, $310 million dollar deal and if “Team Cano” takes too much time going after their “fairy tale” demands, the best deal they will get may go away or get lower when they come back.

As much as much as it seemed like leaving Boras would make this offseason deal for the player the Yankees need to build around much easier, it has not turned out that way.

Jay-Z, the driven, hip-hop mogul and his team at CAA want to go out and make a name for themselves as a powerhouse agency, and that is understandable, but if they are not careful they will fail.

There is one definite to all of this, with or without Cano; the Yankees will always be here. It may take a little longer for the team to get back to the top without Cano… but they will. Can the same be said about Jay-Z and the CAA agency if they screw this deal up?

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