Jose Reyes rips Miami Marlins owner

Jose Reyes has made one thing perfectly clear. He is not a fan of how he left Miami.Jose Reyes

The shortstop who is now a part of the Toronto Blue Jays, was traded just one year into a six-year $106 million deal.

Reyes told ESPN, that he was assured by Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria that he would not be traded up to 48-hours before the deal took place,

“I was shocked, because Jeffrey Loria, he always told me he’s never going to trade me,” Reyes said. “He always called my agent and said, ‘Tell Jose to get a good place here to live,’ and stuff like that.”

“That was kind of crazy,” Reyes said. “I mean, how can you want me to spend some money in Miami, when I have my house in New York, and you’re going to trade me in two days?”

Reyes has not had any contact with the Marlins organization since the trade.

“After the trade, I don’t talk to those guys,” he said. “After the trade, everything’s done. So I don’t need to talk to them because they traded me. So why do I need to talk to them? If they trade me, that means they don’t want me there. So I don’t need to approach them and say, ‘Why’d you trade me?’ and stuff like that. Like I said, I was with [Loria] a couple days before the trade and he no say anything. So that caught everybody by surprise.”

“I don’t need to see [Loria]. And he don’t want to see me, because he traded me.”

Reyes also went on to state that he is not someone who Miami should list as a referral when speaking to future free agents.

“I don’t need to say anything,” he said. “They see what happened. I signed there for like six years. I played there one year. So I don’t have to explain anything.

“But I feel sorry for the fan base there in Miami because they had a great fan base there. To let them down like that, I mean, that’s going to be tough for them.”

Reyes also stated that he feels bad for Giancarlo Stanto who remains on a Miami Marlins team that many feel is in ruins.

“Stanton, he’s an unbelievable great player. Great guy. Great teammate,” Reyes said. “But like I say, it is what it is. I feel sorry for him. But that’s the way it is.”

  • Julio

    Loria builds then destroys the Marlins every few years. He should sell the team and do Florida fans that favor so they can be competitive every year.

  • Ardelle Hodson

    Move them back to montreal

  • Kenneth Newman

    Hopefully, Miami wins 40 games this year to keep them at the near bottom of the league. Just one win more than the Cubs.