Kyle Orton, Green Bay Packers, University of Miami and Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Headline Thoughts For Today.

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Thought: Why were there so many “we should have kept Kyle Orton’ sentiments on the internet during the Patriots dismantling of the Broncos? C’mon Denver fans you can do better than that.

Thought: Regardless of how it shakes out, look for the Superbowl to have an interesting sub-plot that will keep people like us talking for two weeks.

Thought: I think Green Bay will take securing a strong running back and two more playmakers on the defense side a little more seriously now.

Thought: Why are the Atlanta Falcons so consistent in their mediocre coaching choices? Dirk Koetter? Really? You saw what he did with Blaine Gabbert last year in Jacksonville? With so many bright, veteran minds out there that are ripe for the taking, Thomas Dimitroff has officially made his first huge boo-boo.

Thought: After all of the drama that rained down on their football program involving boosters, the University of Miami has an installed a new policy. Boosters are no longer allowed to host athletes at their home for the occasional meal although the NCAA is cool with it. Wait, you hear that? That is the sound of tears falling down “dancers” faces as their income from trips to Luke Campbell’s house just got cut by over 60%.  Nah, we’re just playing.

Thought: Will the MLB season be as exiting on the field as it was off-the-field with all of the madness involving these shuffling contracts?

Thought: If Mayweather and Pacquiao finally get this fight together, do they both have a built-in excuse for losing? I mean after all neither is in their “prime” anymore and this should have happened a long, long time ago.

Thought: Is the NHL hosting next year’s Winter Classic in Detroit basically their way of saying their cool with fan-on-fan violence since it brings the event more publicity? After all, “It’s Cold Out There In The D.”

  • Chris Lindsay

    You don’t think Thomas Dimitroff’s first huge boo-boo was trading away almost all of his draft picks (five, I think it was) for Julio Jones? They are still a soft team, with an aging RB, that can’t compete in an outdoor venue.

    • Hurricane-PV

      Chris, I know it’s not a popular opinion but I don’t think the Julio Jones trade will prove to be a serious boo-boo. I do agree with you about the scenario with Turner. He was not very explosive getting to the hole the last half of the season. I think Rodgers was a nice pick-up but like Snelling he’s a good change-of-pace back. I disagree with you in regards to the outdoor venue point. This current rotation has won it’s fair share of games outside of a dome. The Falcons need a creative OC that won’t get away from the fundamentals of the game while using the unique tools that he has at his disposal. I would have loved to see a guy come into that job that can do all of that a bring a mental toughness to that group.

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