LaDaninian Tomlinson says that Santonio Holmes “hasn’t changed

LaDainian Tomlinson obviously holds hard feelings towards a former teammate. The future Hall of Famer that spent the last two seasons of his career as part of the New York Jets, is speaking out against their current receiver Santonio Holmes.

Holmes who infamously kick started a lot of drama at the tail end of the Jets’ 2011 season was on the receiving end of scathing comments that appeared on the league’s website.

“He hasn’t changed,” Tomlinson said.  “The only thing about it — a new year brings new hope. We all know that as players. But as a player, the one thing you know, when you’re playing with a guy that has quit on you, you know that when the times get tough, he will quit on you again.

“That’s one thing I do know. And that’s kind of what I expect when the season goes along.”

“It’s split down the middle,” Tomlinson said of the locker room’s opinion of Holmes. “It depends on what … Santonio Holmes does moving forward, if they trust him or not. If he comes out and continues to play like this, they won’t because they know he will quit.”

Wow, these are hard word to be delivered on game day from a man you went to war with just one year ago.