5 most decadent menu items at Major League parks

The Pittsburgh Pirates, Texas Rangers, Chicago White Sox and other Major League clubs have reset the gluttony bar with their latest menu pairings.

There is some sort of irony to be found in the concept of watching the fittest athletes in the world compete while chomping down on the least nutritional food possible.

Gone are the days where a simple burger and fries was the worst thing that one could consume at a Major League baseball game.

We have arrived at a time where the folks that run park concessions have gotten competitive in their creative zeal to come up with the most decadent combinations possible to tempt your palette.

These are the five that are must haves for those that road trip to multiple parks during the summer.

scotch eggs

#5  SCOTCH EGGS:  PNC Park/ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

These hard-boiled eggs wrapped in Italian sausage are exactly what you should not ingest if you love your heart and digestive system.

BUT, at only $7.50 they are most likely to tempting to pass up when you are at a Pirates game.

When it comes to stadium food, this is a cheap price to pay to indulgent one’s culinary curiosity.

Beltre Buster

#4 Beltre Buster: Ranger Park/Arlington Texas

The most decadent stadium fare is usually named after marquee names that certainly can’t eat what the team associates their brand with.

Rangers  third baseman Adrian Beltre may have recoiled in horror when he was shown what his menu item is dedicated to.

The $26 Beltre Buster hamburger  has one pound of Nolan Ryan beef, half of a pound of bacon, grilled onions and Monterey Jack cheese served on a pretzel bun.

At $26, parents that give in and purchase this monstrosity to share with begging kids that idolize Beltre, may go berserk when said child takes a small nibble, wrinkles his nose and says “I don’t like this bread or the onions.’

The Beast

#3 The Beast: Miller Park/Milwaukee,Wisconsin

This is a grilled bratwurst sliced in half and stuffed with a grilled hot dog.  The gluttonous two-for-one is then wrapped in bacon and served with sauerkraut and grilled onions on a pretzel roll.

At $9 it’s not terribly expensive financially, but the cost to be paid later physically should make you want to think twice before diving in.

But you will and so will we.

brunch burger

#2 The Brunch Burger:  PNC Park/Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Let’s be real here and state the Brunch Burger is really the grand daddy of them all The Luther, masquerading under a different name.

It’s a bacon cheeseburger and fried egg held together by a glazed doughnut.


At only $7.50 you can’t go wrong with it, unless the burger is less than a half-pound of beef.

Truthfully, you can try the Players View version of the Luther at home.

Grill one 3/4 lb patty and top it with six slices of bacon, 4 slices of cheddar cheese and use two Krispy Kreme jelly doughnuts as bun substitutes.

Toss in the fried egg if you want to go royal-style.

winning ugly chicago Whitesox

#1 Winning Ugly Grand Slam Sandwich:U.S. Cellular Field/Chicago, Illinois

This is not a burger or a regular sandwich. This is something that has created it’s own lane.

The Chicago White Sox took their history of winning ugly and commissioned a food item that lives up to that standard set by the 1983 team.

This major league knockdown drag out is put together with Italian beef, Italian sausage patty, pork chop and bacon covered with giardiniera, sautéed onions and peppers on eight inch muffalatta bread.