Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin calls out local writer.

MIAMI-In what really is a case of tomato vs. tomaaahto, Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin took issue with something that was written about him and how he was portrayed in his management of  WR Brian Hartline’s recent medical issue.

So what did he do? He picked up the phone and digged at Palm Beach Post writer Brian Biggane over something that was really silly.

Philbin in a press conference stated that Hartline’s absence from team activities was for a “personal” reason.

Briggane, long story short called the coach out for his honesty for not addressing Hartline’s surgery directly.

Why this is interesting lies within two questions. Does Philbin have that much spare time on his hands that he can media folks and chastise them?

Yes, Briggane can be called out as easily as anyone can. Yes, Philbin’s definition of what is personal versus Briggane’s is subject to interpretation when the writer is trying to get to the bottom of a situation that can impact a player’s upcoming availability and performance.


Is it that “Philbin is that guy that will become the best walking sound bite that the NFL has seen since the days of former Arizona Cardinals coach Denny Green?

Either way the Hard Knocks people are wise-beyond-their-years in picking the Dolphins as their latest subject.

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