Michael Crabtree responds to Richard Sherman

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Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman walks it like he talks it.

He sits on the throne as the NFL’s premiere cornerback because he has the numbers to back up the attitude that built his brand.

After punching his Super Bowl ticket on Sunday by out playing wideout Michael Crabtree, Sherman dialed his antics up to levels not seen since the Macho Man Randy Savage prowled the squared circle.

Sherman aggravated Crabtree to the point of where he drew a personal foul.

He reenacted Reggie Miller‘s infamous choke sign towards the San Francisco 49ers‘ bench.

After the game, he turned his ire towards Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews as he spent venom into her microphone that was aimed directly at Crabtree.

Sherman labeled him as “sorry” and roasted him for talking about him in comments leading up to the game.

Like it, love it or hate it, Sherman made the play that gave him the right to cut that promo however he saw fit.

Logical thinking suggests that Crabtree would have waived the subject off after such a thing when he met with the media after the game.

Why fight a fight you can’t win?

With the Super Bowl forthcoming, this entire incident will be reduced to just another “you mad bro?” in a matter of 48 hours.

His failure to outplay Sherman in a critical juncture of the game was the end to a eh  day for the receiver who appeared to grow fearful of the Seahawks’ violent defense as the game progressed.

Crabtree however did not use logical thinking according to the San Jose Mercury News.

When asked what Sherman said to him to draw the personal foul, Crabtree shook off Sherman’s comments and overall performance.

“I ain’t getting into that,” Crabtree said. “He knows what time it is. We’re on the field and he ain’t doing nothing. That’s one play he made. … That’s probably the only play he made the whole game.”

Crabtree understands football and he understands that 49ers quarterback Collin Kaepernick did not target receivers that were wrapped up by Sherman with any frequency.

Crabtree also spoke about Sherman’s post-game tirade.

“He’s a TV guy,” Crabtree said. “I’m not a TV guy. I play ball. He makes one play, he talks.”

Crabtree also took his show over to Twitter.

Crabtree will probably continue to give the situation weight as time drags on.

The smart money says ignore it, work harder and show-out on him next season when he is guaranteed two-three chances to embarrass him.

If he really is not a “TV guy” that’s exactly what he will do.

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