Mike Miller is still excited about basketball as he rolls back to Memphis.

The Memphis Grizzlies Mike Miller is still excited about playing basketball.

Miller told the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel that despite rumors, he is feeling as good as he has felt in some time.

“I feel great. I feel great. I’m excited about the next spot,” Miller said. “I’m re-energized. I really am. I’m just feeling healthy. I’m ready to play. I started get back in there again last week and I can’t wait to play again next year. Honestly, it’s disappointing, because, I think, being a part of this and going for a three-peat would have been an unbelievable ride and a story. But I’ve been blessed, as well. I came here and got two championships and I can’t thank them enough for that opportunity.”

Miller has agreed to a two-year deal with the Grizzlies after the Miami Heat used the amnesty exemption on him to avoid luxury tax penalties.

Miller, is the definition of a sharpshooter has come off the bench in critical moments for the Heat who will still pay him $12 million over the next two seasons.

The monies will not impact their salary cap.

Miller also expressed how he feels about his former teammates as he walks away from South Beach.

“You’re leaving friends,” Miller said. “Our team, what we put together three years ago, was unbelievable players. But the people, the guys in the locker room, have been great. There’s stuff you’re just going to miss. You’re going to miss walking out that tunnel with these guys, collecting that ring next year with these guys. Those are tough things. Those are things you’ll definitely miss.”

The upside is that Miller and the Grizzlies are used to each other.

He played there for six seasons.

After deflecting offers from teams such as the Houston Rockets, perhaps for Miller a return to Memphis is an attempt to settle some unfinished business.

The Grizzlies reached the Western Conference Finals for the first time in franchise history last season.

Maybe just maybe he will see his old friends again in the post-season.

Video: Mike Miller Miami Heat Highlights

  • goldie000

    Good Luck to MM, if it wasn’t for him with some clutch 3′s the heat would have been left out in the cold. Hope he gets another shot at another title with the grizz.