Nebraska’s Alfonzo Dennard Allegedly Punches Cop Five Days Before NFL Draft.

Let’s skip the obligatory highly ranked prospect headed to the NFL doing something  stupid intro. What happened early this morning deserves it’s own place in history.

Nebraska CB Alfonzo Dennard WAS stacked highly on a few mock draft boards as going in the first round. He was without question at the very least a second round pick.

But after he’s stupid enough to land himself in jail five days before the draft there’s a question of whether or not he will get drafted at all.

Dennard allegedly was involved in a fight outside of a Lincoln, Nebraska bar. The police being the pesky creatures that they are, intervened in the situation.

What does Dennard allegedly do? He swings on a police offer and pops him dead in the face.

At the moment, he’s expected to sit in jail in over the weekend according to the Omaha World Herald.

Even if this situation is not as bad as it’s being reported, you still have to shake your head at the stupidity of Dennard for putting himself in this situation.

The news report states that it took four officers to take him into custody.

The police did not kick in the door of a private residence here. Dennard found trouble in the street.

I hope the fact that Dennard has just shaved at leastseven figures off his rookie contract will prompt every other kid in this draft to stay home over the next few days.

When you look at some of the facts of this one you have to wonder if anyone will take him on any terms. This draft is deep at the corner back position.

To his credit, Dennard is an exceptional player.

The official charge is suspicion of assaulting a police officer.


  • Dennis Homolka

    As a Nebraska Alum, and a big Dennard fan, I have to say that as i was watching the draft last night there was a guy from West Virgina drafted in the first round. I think he was a defensive rush specialist or something.. didnt even play most of the time. Well he was arrested in March, and the media made very little of it except what i heard last nite with the draft.. Lets treat everyone the same, after all they are going into a league plagued with druggies, whoremongers, and pay for injury players like the saints. Dennard needs to have the opportunity to show what he has on the field. I lived in Lincoln, if i think back Laurence Phillips, was smeared the same way supposedly beating up his girl friend…fact is, she was arrested too, and later admitted starting the physical portion of the fight. So lets not be judge and jury until the facts are right and report either all the player cases, or none of them.!!!!