New Saints MLB Curtis Lofton declares “there is more talent with the Saints” than with the Falcons.

When Curtis Lofton left the Atlanta Falcons in free agency many felt was if the club let a great one go. As it turns out, while Lofton stated that he thought that he would retire as a Falcon, he feels as if the Saints have a better chance at winning the Super Bowl and has a better roster.

In an interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution Lofton was asked “do you have a better chance to win a Super Bowl with the Saints?”

His answer was “yes. I look at it like this. When you go to a team, it would be dumb not to think that you don’t have a better chance to win a Super Bowl with that team. I feel like Atlanta and the Saints have been evenly matched. But I really feel like there is more talent with the Saints. I will say that.”

I’m not sure where Lofton sees the weak spots, as he has too much class to go that deep and he does have strong ties to many players on the Falcons roster.

But even if it’s a case of sour grapes in regards to not getting what he wanted financially from the Falcons, he just set the stage for making the next two steps in this rivalry even nastier in 2012.

A simple yes would have been just fine.

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