New York Yankees Need To Pull the Plug on Derek Jeter’s Season

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Even though the New York Yankees aren’t out of the playoff race, and even though manager Joe Girardi has said he has no intentions of shutting him down, it is time for the captain to call it a season.The Yankees need to do what is best for Derek Jeter, and that would be putting a wrap on his 2013 season.

Jeter has played in just 17 games this season and is not even half the player he has shown he can be as recently as last season. The Yankees need to protect Jeter from himself, because everything that Yankee fans have loved about Jeter for his 18 seasons is what could end his career if the team does not step in right now.

Jeter’s heart and passion to play the game makes even the biggest Yankee hater respect the man in the pinstripes.

Jeter was seriously injured last year in the postseason, and has not been able to bounce back. His failure to come back from the injury could be the fault of what so many love about Jeter, and that is his heart. That heart of a lion, that desire to play and lead his team and be on the field no matter what, is what is stopping him from getting healthy and it could end his career this season.

Jeter is no longer 25-years-old, yet his brain is telling him he is. This 39-year-old man may have the heart of the same player who broke into the majors in 1995, but the sad reality is that no matter how great of a player he has been, or how often he has done the unthinkable, the one team or person he will never win against is “Father Time.”

The entire 2013 season has been the worst in Jeter’s amazing career and no one could question that. If the Yankees want to have him around past 2013 they need to save him from himself and shut him down now. Even with the Yankees having a slight chance at still making the playoffs, they are going to have to do it without their leader.

The problem is no one in the Yankees’ organization seems to have the intestinal fortitude to tell Jeter what he needs to hear. It is as if they all know what is best, and if this was any other player the decision would have already been made, but when it involves Jeter the rules are changed in New York. This is not to say that Jeter should not be treated differently in just about every other way, but this is what is best for him, as well as the team.

If the Yankees keep running Jeter out onto the field, after a few days off from another nagging injury, they will ruin his career and the man who is everything good about the game of baseball will not be able to walk away from the game he loves so much his way.

With all that he has not only brought to the Yankees, but to MLB as a whole, he should have that right. Often with great athletes they don’t want to face reality, even if it is smacking them in the face. Jeter may in his heart of hearts know that he needs to shut it down for the season, but his frustration and desire to be out there with his teammates, as they fight for the second Wild Card spot, is clouding his judgment, so the Yankees need to step up to Jeter and make the right decision for him.

The unfortunate reality of the situation is – this may be the last time the Yankees are playing important baseball in September for a while, and maybe Jeter sees this as well. Regardless if the Yankees are in last place or they get knocked out in the postseason, Jeter should be able to walk away his way. Right now with the way the team and Jeter’s stubbornness is going, he is going to go out and destroy that chance.

This is a painful thought many Yankee fans have never wanted to think about, and that is Yankee baseball without Derek Jeter on the team. The problem is, it’s not when Jeter will leave the game anymore, it’s now a how he will leave the game. The Yankees need to decide if it is the right way, or via injury the next time he runs out a ground out, or dives for a ball.

There is little doubt anyone wants to see Jeter’s career end the way his season did in 2012, but if the Yankees do not step in right now and do something, there is a better chance that it will than him being able to play the rest of the season without getting hurt again. So the team needs to ask itself: “Is it worth ruining the greatest Yankee, and possibly one of the greatest players to ever play this game for the slight chance at making the postseason?”

Please Joe do the right thing. It is hard to believe that you do not have more than a player/manager relationship with Jeter, so go to him as a friend and tell him it’s what is best for Derek Jeter to call it a season, so he can possibly come back and play another two-to-three seasons. If someone does not convince Jeter it’s time to shut it down this season, the last memory of this man who has meant so much to the Yankees could be of him lying on the field in agony as he rips, tears or breaks something again.

Before Yankee fans get all up in arms about this, close your eyes for a second, bring back that picture from last year’s postseason of Jeter laying at shortstop. Do you want this to be the last memory of the man who is the greatest Yankee ever?

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  • Jack London

    With the 40 man roster and September call ups they can do it unofficially. This way Jeter can be in uniform for Mo’s tribute and any other appropriate occasions these next few weeks.

  • smathews

    The Yankees legacy is done. There is no one left to carry the torch and show what it means to be a Yankee.