NFL bans the Saints from displaying images of Sean Payton on video screens

Those that were in the house when Drew Brees took another run at history to break Johnny Unitas’ consecutive games with a touchdown record were not bombarded with the same images that those in the television audience were.

After every significant moment that transpired between the Saints and Chargers, the television audience was treated to the various reactions of suspended coach Sean Payton.

His cheers, his golf claps and at one point what looked like a run to the bathroom were not only a part of broadcast, they featured commentary from NBC’s Cris Collingsworth that sounded downright creepy.

According to Fox’s Jay Glazer’s Twitter account, the team was barred from displaying any images of Peyton on the Super Dome’s screens.

“From the dept of the absurd: Saints were told by the league they are not allowed to show Sean Payton on the screen at game. Give me a break.”

Was the NFL’s heavy-handed tactics a part of them trying to control and/or neuter the Saints or did they do the right thing in trying to not fire up the audience?

Personally, I feel as if you are going to do all of that then you should not have allowed Peyton, suspended general manager Mickey Loomis and suspended interim head coach Joe Vitt to attend the game.

To take it a step further, the NFL should not have allowed suspended Gregg Williams to sit in on a St. Louis Rams games either.

If you make an exception you make an exception.

In making an exception that hyper-controls the environment, the NFL once again comes across as villains that’s trying to do whatever that they can to pick on the Saints.

The smart thing to do is let it all go, move on and let time heal some painful wounds.

  • cjjones

    This NFL commissioner (with a little “c”) has done more to hurt the game of NFL football than any commissioner in the history of the game! Roger Goodell should take the “Good” off his last name and add a “H” to it.

    I hope the Federal Judge in New Orleans overturn his entire hypocritical pie! What a Dummy!!!