NFL Power Rankings Week Two

The NFL’s first week of play gave us a lot of surprises and a few statement wins. Let’s see who shook up the charts.

#1 San Francisco 49ers

They entered the year as a top five team and the manner in which they bullied the Packers puts them in the number one spot.

#2 Baltimore Ravens

The Bengals are not a bad football team. The Ravens made them look like one by finally launching their offense into light speed.  This gave their high-motor defense the opportunity to take lambs out to slaughter once the Bengals had to play from behind.

#3 Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons offense is as good as advertised. Their third quarter blues seem to be a thing of the past. Next up is a Monday night date with Denver and CB Brent Grimes is done for the year. Let’s see how long they can stick in the top 3.

#4 New England Patriots

The bloody nose that was seen all over the world got it done again. NE’s defense and running game stepped up after years of being ridiculed. Now can Brady get some protection? Can the quarterback figure out how to get his wide receivers back into the highlight reel?  Dynamic things will happen if the Pats can complete their picture.

#5 Green Bay Packers

They are not ready to exit the top five just yet but the Packers need to rally the troops and blow out a huge team win to maintain their air of supremacy. Reality has just spoken.

#6 Dallas Cowboys

They legitimately smashed the champions of the world in their own house on Banner Day.  That has to send them deep into the top ten. It may not last very long but for now the Cowboys are the class of the NFC East.

#7 Houston Texans

As predicted, the Texans did take their collective belt off to the Dolphins. It wasn’t pretty and they earned a bump for it.

#8 Chicago Bears

The Bears new look offense rolled out the top guns and in a show of strength proved that they can suddenly run, pass and catch extremely well. Now that they have all three phases of their offense on point, the NFC North just became very complicated.

#9 Denver Broncos

On both sides of the ball the Broncos looked solid and in particular Peyton Manning looked efficient and able to throw a dagger when he has to.

#10 New York Jets

Remember that theory that stated that maybe the Jets were playing a bit of pre-season possum? That was confirmed in the Sunday spectacle that saw them humiliate the Bills. It was super ugly.

#11 New York Giants

Should one loss be cause for a team to drop from the top spot to out of the top 10? In this case yes. The Giants spent a lot of time talking about their NASCAR defense that sputtered out on the track.  WR Victor Cruz could not get his head in the game and their rookie running back got way to emotional after he fumbled during his first pro contest. They will be fine but for right now, they are on the outside looking in.

#12 Philadelphia Eagles

The joke was that the Eagles pulled off getting an extra preseason game by drawing the Browns as their first opponent. Yet what happened? The Browns outplayed them from pillar to post and had it not been for a late game splash of greatness, the Eagles would be 0-1. This time it was not the defense that had the problems as this explosive offense rained turnovers.

#13 Washington Redskins

They walked into the Super Dome and essentially cracked the whip on the Saints. The only thing is that Redskins coach Mike Shanahan took his foot off the gas and let the Saints get back in it.  This could have been the OMG win of the week.

#14 San Diego Chargers

After surviving Oakland’s early flourish of big hits and physical play, the Chargers opened the gate and won with confidence. Free agent pickup Robert Meachem showcased what he could do for San Diego and why he is missed already in New Orleans.

#15 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs got a pretty serviceable win against their division rivals the Carolina Panthers.  The connection between Josh Freeman and his new receiver Vincent Jackson is still not quite there.

#16 Arizona Cardinals

I suppose a win is a win. This is especially true seeing that the cornerback tandem of William Gay and Patrick Peterson held rookie phenomenon Russell Wilson in check all day.

#17 Detroit Lions

Yes they won but they barely got passed the Rams in one of the sloppiest games I’ve seen in a long, long time.

#18 Cincinnati Bengals

Marvin Lewis needs to talk to his squad after they had their faces mushed in the turf on Monday Night Football.  The Bengals are a better team than how they performed during week one.

#19 Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers were built to play great defense and run the football down people’s throats. On Sunday they did neither very well.

#20 Carolina Panthers

The Panthers need to find new ways to deploy their quarterback as the Buccaneers just rolled out a blueprint on how to limit him.  WR Louis Murphy looks to have the potential to help in that cause.

#21 New Orleans Saints

Now we see why the absence of Sean Payton means so much.

#22 Seattle Seahawks

Memo to Seahawks receivers: Help your quarterback on game winning drives. That is all.

#23 Cleveland Browns

They defensively crushed the Eagles for 99-percent of the game yet a string of offensive blunders made it all mean nothing.  If Brandon Weeden fails to show –and-prove the new owner may start asking to see how second-stringer Colt McCoy handles the pressure.

#24 Kansas City Chiefs

They tried to keep it close with the Falcons for the first 30 minutes but it became glaringly obvious that they need to work on playing 60 minutes of football

#25 Tennessee Titans

Every single player that took the field in powder blue and white on Sunday played uninspired and flat. Hey Chris Johnson this is supposed to be your return-to-glory year remember?

#26   Oakland Raiders

Once the Raiders clean up their stupid mistakes they will win games.  The question is ‘when is that going to happen?’

#27 Buffalo Bills

With Fred Jackson out and Ryan Fitzpatrick pulling the trigger, the Bills could be doomed for another season of mediocrity. C.J. Spiller looks ready to rock so perhaps coach Chan Gailey will wise up and give backup QB Tavaris Jackson the keys to the family car before it’s too late.

#28 St. Louis Rams

They may have played the Lions close but they also played the Lions dirty. Sam Bradford must continue to emerge as a game changer for the Rams to elevate themselves out of the cellar.

#29 Indianapolis Colts

The whole they are ready to win now thing? That’s on hold for a few weeks.

#30 Minnesota Vikings

In a battle of returning running backs Adrian Peterson was phenomenal. But when as a team you have to go down to the wire to beat Jacksonville, there’s problems that need to be addressed.

#31 Jacksonville Jaguars

Blaine Gabbert has not progressed very much at all if you let their first game’s tape tell the story.

#32 Miami Dolphins

Easily the worst in show.