Norv Turner to run Browns offense

Time has determined that Norv Turner is not head coaching material. Turner has a brilliant offensive mind but he has never been successful at keeping the entire show together.

The Cleveland Browns are gambling on Turner’s brilliance shining through in a reduced capacity. 

norv turner

Cleveland named their new head coach Rob Chudzinski on Wednesday.

Chudzinski innovated Carolina’s offensive with Cam Newton as his star pupil.

He has quickly set out to build a power offensive think-tank according to Peter Schrager of FOX Sports.

Chudzinski worked for Turner in san Diego in 201o when the Chargers offense were clicking like no one’s business.

When analysts discuss the infamous championship window, they are referring to how long a coaching staff can stay together as well.

The Charger’s steep offensive decline began with his departure.

Now that Turner has the luxury of a true focus, it will be interesting to see what he comes up with.

Turner is the master of the screen pass. His addition could transform running back Trent Richardson into an all-purpose yards monster.

Other names that could benefit from Turner’s tutelage is a receivers group that has the big man Greg Little and the speedy Mohamed Massaquoi.

If Josh Cribbs returns for another bow, Turner could potentially reinvent him into the next Darren Sproles.

The Browns officially have a reason to feel optimistic.

The only thing that can go wrong is that their quarterbacks group misfires.

Call it a hunch but Players View feels as if Brandon Weeden has the potential to hit the next level during his second year as a pro.

If not, 2014′ s predicted draft and free agent class will provide plenty of new tools to work with.

In the meantime, part of Turner’s band is back together. The difference is now he is no longer the lead singer.