Now that Hines Ward is done in Pittsburgh, will he return to his southern roots?

A month and a half ago we discussed the situation with Donald Driver potentially not being able to finish his career in Green Bay. In that article we made a slight reference to the perceived notion that the Steelers were doing it right by allowing Hines Ward to stay on the team.

Well, we perceived wrong and now that it’s official, we look at Ward’s departure from Steel City and we can only say ‘wow.’

Players View is located pretty close to the University of Georgia where Ward played his college ball. He was always a player that impressed anybody that watched simply because he played with so much heart. Football is a part of this man’s fabric.

Hines Ward as a member of the Georgia Bulldog. UGA

It’s no secret that when he was drafted in 1998 he wanted to be a Falcon. He was raised in Atlanta and unless something has changed, it’s my understanding he still maintains a home here.

It was always kind of understood that when Ward played the Falcons he always played with a chip on his shoulder despite the fact that the former and owner and administration are all gone.

Now that he’s a free agent, could he suit up in the Georgia Dome on Sundays? I suppose it’s possible, but with the long list of roster issues that current GM Thomas Dimitroff currently has on his plate, it’s doubtful.

As someone that hates the fact that gone are the days where a man can become a legend in one uniform and retire in that same jersey; it would be nice to see a guy that gave as much to the game as Ward did at least get an opportunity to play in his home city on his way to the Hall of Fame.  I’m not holding my breath on that though.

If there is one position that the Falcons are totally fine at, it’s wide receiver. Roddy White, Julio Jones and Harry Douglas are three very explosive weapons.  Hines would have to come on as a third down/possession option that is also there for his premier blocking skills when they break out those off tackle plays that RB  Michael Turner loves so much.

Would he be willing to do that? Time will only tell but the bigger question becomes would he do it for what they Falcons would spend to bring him in-house?  Something tells me that veteran defensive end John Abraham who is allegedly being allowed to leave town in free agency over such matters would say ‘ nah dude that’s not going to happen.’

Steelers fans are mourning today as they should be. Ward embodied what a true Steeler really is and he was a perfect fit there.

As a matter of fact, the city of Pittsburgh has become so in line with his mode of play that he may not even want to play in the ATL anymore.  For all we know, he may suit up for the Ravens…nah that WON’T happen.

But what will happen is that Hines Ward will not spend his last days on the sidelines waving a Terrible Towel.

What tradition he will take on and what colors he will wear will be lucky to have him. He’s the perfect player/coach that will leave any situation in better shape than it was when he got there. Just ask Pittsburgh.