Only Ozzie Guillen would try to justify Yunel Escobar’s situation

Ozzie Guillen is not the smartest man on the planet.

I’m not the first person to make that observation and I guarantee you I won’t even be close to the last as long as he has an audience to speak to.

Let us be clear Guillen like everyone else has a right to his feelings and the opportunity to create an environment in his home that he and his family find comfortable (more on him in a moment).

When the Toronto Blue Jays’ short stop Yunel Escobar (joke or no joke) used his eye black to display a Spanish-language version of a commonly used English language term that is a homophobic slur, he was wrong.

There was nothing cool about it. Gay baseball fans out were offended and hurt by it.

It should not have happened and Escobar received a fair punishment in a three-game suspension for the act that was imposed by the team.

Some within the gay and lesbian community want him booted for the remainder of the season but seeing that he’s losing $92,000 for his stupidity that will donated to tolerance based charities, it seems fair enough.

However, Escobar has continued to put his foot in his mouth by escalating the matter in his public “apology” that was incredibly insulting to those he offended to begin with.

Esobar’s comments which ran in the National Post, and on ESPN were borderline insanity.

“I’m sorry for what happened and I can guarantee this will not happen again in my career. It’s a lesson I learned and one I’ll never commit again in my career.”

“It was not something I intended to be offensive. It was just something I just put on a sticker on my face as a joke,” he said through a translator at the news conference at Yankee Stadium. “There was nothing intentional directed at anyone in particular.”

“I don’t have anything against homosexuals. I have friends who are gay. In reality I’d like to ask for the apologies of all those who have been offended by this.”

“It’s just something that’s been said around amongst Latinos. It’s not something that’s meant to be offensive.

For us, it didn’t have the significance to the way it’s being interpreted right now. It’s a word used often within teams. … I agree with the suspension and don’t have any problem with it.”

“I have friends who are gay,” he said. “The person who decorates my house is gay. The person who cuts my hair is gay. I have various friends who are gay.

Honestly they haven’t felt as offended about this. There’s just a different understanding in the Latin community of this word.”

Personally, as a black male I would be ready to catch a flight to Toronto if he wrote the n-word on his eye black only to apologize by saying that he has black friends that shine his shoes.

That’s just what it is.

Back to where we started, you would think Ozzie Guillen would have learned to keep his mouth shut after his own date with ignorance after his comments about respecting Fidel Castro kicked the season off.

All he had to do is mind his own business and tend to the matters of how he’ll save his own ass after this year wraps up.

Instead, he steps into Escobar’s solitary mess and offered a measure of support for him to the Palm Beach Post.

“I think this kid did it without intending to hurt anybody. I think he did it just for fun. But in our country we do that,” Guillen said.

“I know he didn’t mean to hurt anybody’s feelings. Nobody is that stupid,” Guillen said.

Ozzie you would think so but his encore was declaring that he was cool with gay folks because he has guy stylists hair and otherwise.

“To be honest with you, in my house we say that word every 20 seconds. I got three kids. It’s HOW you say it,” Guillen said.

“He is paying the price.”

Guillen referenced his own troubles with the term when he used the term to describe a media of the Chicago media when he was the skipper of the White Sox in 2006.

“My situation was worse because I said it. I said it to a media member,” Guillen said.

“It’s something I don’t feel proud about it. I was a very, very hard situation for me and the people around me… It was maybe the worst thing I ever did.”

Stop. Guillen called it the worst thing he ever did yet he by his own admittance also stated that he uses the term every 20 seconds in his crib.

What people do and say at home is their own business. But the moment that you open the floor to what you do at home in a situation like this, you can’t say that using the same word is the worst thing you ever did.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Guillen “laughed” when he found out the term of Escobar’s suspension.

“Three games? I got six. Because I don’t have the players association,” he said, joking.

What Guillen should have figured out by now is that you can’t use the we’re from another country card when you openly laugh about what you deem to be a light punishment after you know better.

In this particular situation, Guillen had the opportunity to right some of his own wrongs and help steer Escobar through some of the choppy waters that he’s been through.

He behaves like a 19-year old player yet he is a leaving middle-aged manager that whether he wants to admit it or not is by default on the league’s mentorship board.

Guillen had two smarter choices in the matter, he could have side-stepped the question when he was asked or he could have simply stated and followed through with this would be a good opportunity to educate this and other young men coming from similar situations on what is cool and what is not cool.


  • Frank

    YOu still dont get it. Although I consider Guillen really bad example a very dumb human all around, you still dont understand the way the frase was intended. It’s like getting made at South Park.

  • Sporteric11

    The guy is hilarious. Don’t make a big deal about it like the illegal aliens in Miami who destroyed the Marlin’s season by attacking Ozzie Guillen when he made a joke about Fidel Castro. They handcuffed Ozzie’s explosive atitude and tried to get him fired so the Marlins were not motivatd after that. If Ozzie didn’t have to put up with that illegal alien crap in the Banana Republic of Miami Florida (NOT PART OF THE USA), they would have won the division. I went to the final game yesterday from West Palm Beach driving to IllegalAlienLand and saw an empty BRAND NEW stadium built with Taxpayer funds. They should have built that stadium north of the border in Broward or Palm Beach County so US Citizens would have watched the games !!! They should keep Ozzie an listen to the true fans, not the whining illegal aliens who cannot support the team by purchasing tickets only wanting you to give them money to buy themselves beer !!!