Osi Umenyiora fires back at New York Giants GM Jerry Reece.

NEW YORK -Ding. Ding. Round three of the annual Osi Umenyiora vs. Jerry Reece title bout is underway.  As reported, during the NFL draft festivities, Reece, the Giants GM proclaimed his love for Osi. He went as far as to state that the team wants him to “retire” as a Giant.  He also said that the team had offered him two contract extensions that Osi turned down.

Today the New York Daily News is reporting that they received an e-mail from Umenyiora that refutes Reece’s advances and the light that this situation is placing him under.

“Last year I was offered incentives. This year they offered me in guaranteed money, HALF of what they just gave Kiwi guaranteed. HALF,” Umenyiora wrote. “I’m not making that up. Then Jerry tells the world they offered me an extension and I turned it down. And I look like a greedy pig for turning it down. Hilarious.”

Kiwi refers to OLB/DE Mathias Kiwanuka who just completed an extension with the team last week.

When teams and talent go to war with each other in the media, it rarely if ever ends well.  Jerry Reece is not the kind of GM that will allow himself to look “soft” and Umenyiora is done playing the good student that flares up from time-to-time but for the most part can be controlled.

Place your bets. This heavyweight battle is not over.

  • keith

    Reese dont give in look he signed a 7 year deal with BIG money upfront… Now once the back end kicks in he wants a new deal he only took his money upfront knowing if he got hurt or had to retire he would of made his money PLAY the DEAL you SIGNED

    After the year is over offer him 4 Mil GAR with incentives to make up to 6 mil and small bonuses every year since bonuses and Incentives dont count vs the CAP