Picture: Jonathan Vilma bans Roger Goodell from his BBQ spot.

As if there was ANY remaining doubt that this thing between suspended Saints linebacker and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has become extremely personal, ask the staff of Brother Jimmy’s BBQ in Miami.

The restaurant owned by Vilma, D.J. Williams (Denver Broncos) and Jon Beason (Carolina Panthers), has banned Goodell from the premises and have placed signs throughout the building such as the one that we have displayed.

Goodell doesn’t strike me as a pulled pork sandwich with mustard greens kind of guy but hey you never know.

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  • Dave Holt

    He’s banned from my backyard BBQ’s as well. And that goes for Saturday Night Fishfrys too.

  • DomePatroler

    As a Fan we got the shaft why do you think he waited until season tickets were sold out and every home game sold out then he dismantled the Saints. When you spend money on a product it is because you know what you are getting what that product suppose to produce. So the city and the fans got the shaft from goodell.