Powerade taunts Boston fans with LeBron James billboard.

Sales of Powerade are about to go waaaay down in Boston. The company seems to have decided to put up a billboard celebrating LeBron James’ first title win almost three miles from the TD Garden.

In case you have just returned from the dark side of the moon, James almost single-handedly bounced the Celtics out of the Eastern Conference finals.

This is also less than two weeks removed from future Hall-of-Famer Ray Allen jumping ship from Boston to Miami.

According to the Metro, the ad reads “Congrats LeBron. A championship has a nice ring to it,” with a picture of a grinning James to the right.

To say the very least, Celtics fans have very raw emotions right now and this image of a snickering James makes passing motorists feel as if they are being taunted.

Photo Credit: www.facebook.com/POWERADEION4


  • spida

    as a Cs fan why would i be offended? a name of many folks with a shadowed image and powerade doesnt even put their name on it otehr then the fine print. if i was james id be insulted or insecure

  • http://gravatar.com/someno1 Jack Mehoff

    Yup. It’s too bad Bron wasn’t as bad as they thought. All the times they beat him, and they have the same number of rings he has. Powerade > Beer.

    • Deacon

      When did lebron win 17 rings? BEER>everything

    • ees22

      I’m sure the municipality of Boston had to approve Powerade posting that billboard. It’s all about money. Don’t be fooled folks. In other news, I didn’t know James has 17 rings?Smh

      • Teresa

        The person who said he has same number of rings is not pitting him against the now old men like Bird. They’re talking about his contemporaries. Don’t let bitterness cloud your common sense.

  • edwin smith

    Something nice to ram down their Bostonian throats for past and present Boston players and fans. Awesome view for Larry Legend and Kevin McHale to droll over on their next trip in town. By the way we’ll take good care of Ray Allen for you guys. Have a nice one…

    • Jvp

      I’m sure u get thongs rammed down your throat in beautiful Miami.

  • WAM

    Boston deserves it…they think they should win every year…now they pick on Ray Allen because he went to the heat, when the Celtics management tried to trade him, pick up someone to take his minutes away etc….Now they threatened to Boo the guy when he comes to Boston when Allen gave his heart and sole to the team. i live in Boston and I can assure you that from talk radio to TV to the average guy on the street BOSTON SPORT FANS ARE IGNORANT LUNATICS. (p.s. I’m not exaggerating!)

    • Shane

      We’re ignorant???…return to whatever cave you came from troll. Clown.

  • Chelle

    As a C’s fan and as far as I’m concerned the Heat can have Ray- that was a b**** move. If he didn’t think he got enough spotlight cause of Garnett then just wait until he doesn’t get ANY spotlight because of Lebron!! And as far as Powerade- I will def only buy Gatorade now!

  • jimmy arnold

    bunch of hates can’t stand the heat get out of,(the kitchen), miami’s back yard.

  • eugene reynolds

    He (Jack Mehoff) refers to the fact that Boston’s “big three” has defeated teams featuring Lebron quite a few times but they only won 1 championship, and he has equaled it.

  • http://gravatar.com/sportslocker pedroia15

    since when did Lebron win a championship..I thought Miami won..

  • L.M.Mattison

    Miami did win…but the HEAT is nor a “TEAM” playing TEAM..They should be called “THE MIAMI JAMES” team