Predicting the 2013 NFL Hall of Fame class; finalists announced

On Friday the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced the finalists for induction in the 2013 class.

There are some expected names and there are some shocking developments.

Pro Football Hall of fame

If two senior members are voted in, the 2013 class size will hit the maximum ceiling of seven former legends.

This yellow jacket rookies that made it this far is an impressive list.

Guard Larry Allen, tackle Jonathan Ogden, defensive tackle Warren Sapp and defensive end Michael Strahan make up that group.

1o names that have been previously considered are  running back Jerome Bettis, wide receivers Tim Brown, Cris Carter and Andre Reed, guard Will Shields, defensive end Charles Haley, linebacker Kevin Greene, cornerback Aeneas Williams along with Bill Parcells Art Modell and Ed DeBartolo, Jr.

The seniors on deck are  nose tackle Curley Culp and linebacker Dave Robinson.
Players View Prediction:
Adrian Glover: Let me just say this. I’ve said it so much I don’t want to say it anymore. Cris Carter deserves to get it in but…
Wade Thompson:  You don’t think he will.
Adrian: I don’t he will. Now that we know what the final field will be,  here are my five picks.  Strahan is a first ballot guy. Ogden is so respected and was so dominant that he will also be a first-ballot guy.
Modell did a lot for the game he just passed so he gets in.
The timing would be horrible to make him wait. Writers are not public relations people but I think in Art’s case good taste prevails.
Bettis is the only running back and he will get in. In his case, I feel that last year’s snub was not a statement that he is not a credible addition to the Hall. It was more like you were good but you were not that good.
Finally, I think Charles Haley will get his due. Of all the guys to get their due it will be Haley. Haley gets in thanks to Larry Allen because its hard to justify voting for Allen and not Haley.
Wade: No Sapp? I think he could sneak in.
Adrian: I am not opposed to it. But the guys that publicly have said that they make up this committee tend to not award first-ballot status to anybody that has had either a scandalous personality and/or events that took place during their career.
Sapp will get in next year in my honest opinion. Would I vote for him now? If I had a vote? Yes. He defined his position and led a team to a Super Bowl.
My personal list would be Carter, Sapp, Strahan, Modell, Haley and Ogden. You?
Wade:  I would go Tim Brown to start. You cant in my opinion put any of those receivers in without starting with Tim Brown. So Brown, Modell, Sapp, Haley and Strahan.
But I do agree with the predicted list. It’s just the way of that world.