QB Matt Moore is frustrated with the Miami Dolphins.

DAVIE, Fl-Somebody has to go.  It does not matter what the depth chart says at the moment, QB Matt Moore understands that even if first-round pick Ryan Tannehill is listed in the number three slot that he has zero job security.

At the moment former Jaguars starter David Garrard is listed as the number one guy and has been in that spot since the first phase of team workouts began.

It’s not unusual for teams to carry three QBs throughout a season. But the Dolphins won’t.  Why won’t they?

Of course it has to do with money.

Insiders and beat writers have said that the team may cut the loser of the Garrard versus Moore battle.

Looking at the picture beyond the rumors, the details state that this will happen. The Dolphins have less than $2.5 million in available cap space.

A rolled ankle here and a banana peel there can and will present a problem when injuries inevitably present themselves.

Both Garrard and Moore are vested veterans which means that the team is on the hook for their entire salary if they are a Dolphin week one.

The team can save more money and cap space by feeding Moore to the wolves.

His salary is $2.75 million. If they cut him before week one, only $750,000 of that counts against the cap. This creates $2 million in cap space for the Dolphins.

As for Garrard he has already been paid $1.1 million dollars in assorted bonuses and of his $2.25 million salary, the team would see $1 million of that count against their cap.

This would create an extra $1.25 million in cap space for Miami.

So take all of that into consideration when you read Moore’s quote today that was given to the Palm Beach Post.

“I guess it’s frustrating a bit,” he said of being listed No. 2, “but I’m not overly concerned that it’s going to wreck my performance or wreck my play from here on out.”

Moore will have to at this point blow Garrard away to win this. It would hard for the Dolphins to ship off the guy that creates less cap space after you just gave him over a million dollars for what would amount to a summer vacation near South Beach.

Past experiences considered, in the heat of NFL battle Garrard has a better track record that Moore does and would serve to be a better mentor to Tannehill that Moore would.

The logistics and play thus far have Garrard running away with this one.

Let’s see how this goes.

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