Randy Moss To Work Out For 49ers. How this could impact their draft and pursuit of Mike Wallace.

SAN FRANSISCO, March 11–According to an ESPN report, wide receiver Randy Moss will work out for the San Francisco 49ers on Monday. The semi-controversial player is due to land in the Bay Area at some point today.

Randy Moss To Work Out For San Francisco 49ers.Last week, we reported that Moss reportedly faired very well in a workout for New Orleans and why that team would be a very solid fit for him.

The recent hum in San Francisco has been their alleged upcoming attempt to secure the services of restricted free agent Mike Wallace.

The Wallace scenario would prove to be a costly move based on what he would cost in return compensation to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Moss has indicated that it would not even take guaranteed money to get him in the door.

I get the feeling that as the market heats up for him that could change and fast. That may not be by Moss’ own hand as the nature of the beast will push one team to import that option into negotiations if they want him bad enough.

Wallace and Moss will both add a deep threat option to a 49ers offense that also has WR Michael Crabtree and TE Vernon Davis on their roster.  They attempted to create similar magic with the speedy Ted Ginn Jr. in 2011 with so-so results.

It would make since for the 49ers to get Moss on-board for a season or two and hope that a receiver such as Baylor’s electric Kendall Wright is still on the board when they turn in their draft card.

Moss’ impact on younger peers is often never discussed but regardless of where he goes his role as the “player-coach” will bring added value.

Tune in tomorrow afternoon as Players View will update this situation as soon as news walks-in–the-door.

  • Leon

    Moss and manning look out nfl 49ers dynasty reborn

  • IAmA49Er

    It would be sweet to land both Manning and Moss we aould be unstoppable.

  • David Schmidt

    Yeah that would make sense. Especially since Manning’s not even looking at the 49ers and they’re not even, supposedly of course, interested in him.

  • john lanier

    Randy Moss is not a good fit, He would divide the locker room and screw up the chemistry the niners got going. Also he is to old and not the same player.