Ray Lewis co-defendant speaks up

Regardless of what he accomplishes, one night will always haunt Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis for the rest of his life. 

Ray Lewis

Regardless of how much good Lewis does people will choose to bring it up as they see fit.

People will choose to color it and doctor it up as they see fit.

It’s simple, as of late if Ray Lewis kicked a fan’s team out of the playoffs on his last run at a title, the most disgruntled and classless of the bunch have said ‘ well he’s a murderer and a thug.’

The rhetoric has gotten so out-of-control that there are adults that followed the case that have forgotten what happened 12 years ago in Atlanta.

The bottom line is that Lewis was charged with obstruction of justice in a murder trial.

He pleaded guilty and because he is a famous football player he dug into his pockets to settle lawsuits with the family members of  two victims.

Now,  Reginald Oakley he was charged with murder. He is also coming out with a book at some point in the future.

He spoke to USA Today and provided them with some information about the evening that claimed the lives of Richard Lollar and Jacinth Baker.

Of course Oakley doesn’t give up all the details because well..you know the book and all.

He is also trying to cash in on the evening by writing a screenplay about the events that took place outside of an Atlanta nightclub in 2002 during the events surrounding that season’s Super Bowl.

“I can tell it like this, not that I owe (Lewis) any type of protection,” Oakley said this week. “What happened, it wasn’t our fault what happened. It happened, but we didn’t instigate none of what happened. We had a great time and were on our way to the limousine to go back to our hotel, and those guys came out, for whatever reason. I think it was to rob (Lewis) because it was a dark alley and they were standing at the alley. I think it was just an opportunity for them to do whatever they had in mind.”

Oakley did not testify at the trial although Lewis did.

Now Oakley wants to state that Lewis was targeted  “because of the way he was dressed.”

“It definitely was self-defense because no one was expecting anything like that,” Oakley said. “Everyone was having a great time. We had a great weekend. It was so unexpected and happened so fast.”

Another person in the Lewis entourage that evening was contacted by the paper.

“It’s a shame that he was even in that situation,” Kwame King said. “He had nothing to do with it, and it’s a travesty that he even had to go through that ordeal. That’s my only statement. Thank you.”

Oakley stated that Lewis knows about his publishing ventures and he is “not thrilled about it because he’s trying to put it all behind him.”

“I’m sure there are some things he’d rather not talk about. If you were in a situation like that, and you know how the media and public is, you wouldn’t want to talk about it either. It’s a tough situation to be in.”

When pressed for serious details about the evening Oakley keep his mind on his money and his money on his mind.

“I can’t,” Oakley said. “I can’t. I talk about that in the book. … I can’t answer that right now.”

  • Rollo Lamont

    Only God Can Judge Anyone But Everyone Swear They Can Cast Judgement On Anybody That Includes The Media The Internet Nerds.

  • Footballwhore

    Your’e obviously a Patriots fan. Get over the loss and get over this 12-year old trial that doesn’t have shit to do with the Patriots losing legitimately. Ray Lewis is still the 2nd or 3rd best defensive player of all time. I’m not a Raven’s fan, just a hater of people who can’t get over little meaningless crap.

    • hurricanepv

      Personally speaking, I would suggest that you revisit the tone of the piece.I more or less said the same thing just a lot more assertively. The fact is people are calling the man out for murder and he was never charged with murder. The other fact is that you now have his co-defendant stepping out to write a book about it after all this time to get paid. It’s a pretty disgusting state of affairs the entire way around. And for what? Because he’s trying to retire on the passion of his play while praising his faith.

  • Footballwhore

    Get over the loss and get over this 12-year old trial. Ray Lewis is still the 2nd or 3rd best defensive player of all time. I’m not a Raven’s fan, just a hater of people who can’t get over little meaningless crap.