Richard Sherman’s PED suspension hearing to be held on Friday

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has muscled his way into the public eye with both his strong play and his larger-than-life personality.

Richard+Sherman+Stanford+v+California+mRuYIB4oLaplThe image of him mentally assaulting Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as he left the field in defeat will remain one of this season’s time capsule moments.

You mad bro?

He obviously has been as according to ESPN, Sherman’s appeal on his PED-violation will be held on Friday.

If his four-game suspension is upheld, Seattle will be forced to go deep into the playoffs before they get Sherman back in 2012.

Sherman and fellow cornerback Brandon Browner allegedly violated the league’s policy by ingesting the PED du jour Adderall.

Browner dropped his initial appeal making him eligible to return in the first round of the playoffs.

Should Sherman lose his appeal, this would ensure that the surging Seahawks would enter the tournament with at least one of their shutdown corners at their disposal.

Due to Sherman’s appeal status he has been allowed to play as he awaited a hearing date.

Sherman is contesting that his test sample was contaminated during the process.

Whether or not that proves the case, the overlap of time served between Sherman and Browner will be critical but not as crucial as it would have been had Seattle been forced to get into playoff position without them both.

The Seahawks (9-5) are currently projected to be the NFC’s fifth seed going into the tournament.

If Sherman is found guilty and is forced to sit on the shelf, Seattle will have a tall order to fill on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers.

From there they move on to face another division foe in the St. Louis Rams.

If they pick up one of those games, they are in the post-season and Browner returns.

We will update you on the Sherman’s situtaion as soon as his appeal status is released.