Robert Griffin III sets single season record for jersey sales.

Robert Griffin and his RG3 alter ego have become sensations both on and off the field.

The moment that he stepped into the NFL, the rookie sensation has become the face of a youth movement that will set the tone for the league for years to come.

rg3-jersey-insetSo it’s no surprise that Griffin’s namesake jersey now holds the single-season record for most units sold according to ESPN.

The record was previously held twice by Brett Favre for his 2008 Jets jersey and his 2009 Vikings garment.

87 percent of all Redskins’ team merchandise sold through was sold outside of the team’s core areas of Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.

rg3jerseyIt’s hard to envision the bulk of that gear bearing snotty cornerback DeAngelo Hall’s likeness so odds are Griffin’s marketability has quickly pushed the Redskins viability into another stratosphere.

There are no specific numbers available as to just how many jersey’s RG3 has pedaled but it’s safe to say Washington owner Daniel Snyder is thrilled with whatever it is.

One person that I doubt purchased a jersey is suspended ESPN analyst Rob Parker.