Ron Artest credits Steve Nash’s intelligence to him being white.

Over the years, I’ve come to learn that are times when Ron Artest is seriously crazy and there are others that he’s just a really bad joke teller.

If the situation involves some sort of violence and he gets that look in his eye, you need to start worrying about the crazy coming out.

If he’s smiling prepare yourself for a lot of corny comedy that includes things that are said for the sake of shock value.

According to Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Times, Artest was asked if Steve Nash is the smartest player on the Lakers. His response was “He’s white, so probably yes.”

That was Artest in bad joke teller mode. The comment is quickly on the road to becoming a big deal and it really shouldn’t be.

Artest is guilty of having poor taste especially when it comes to racial issues. His comments about slavery in particular proved to be stupid and controversial.

The idea that I think that he’s trying to put forth is that people need to lighten up.

What he does not get is that he is one of those names that will never be able to for the most part get away with making these kinds of statements.

As the NBA season approaches, there are a lot of writers that are preparing their intro pieces on whatever crazy Ron will do next.

He would be wise to not feed their hunger.

  • Lordroland

    Dumb ass Ron I’ll be so glad when he is gone.

  • wayne

    Wow. Can someone really be this dumb?

  • Sporteric11

    The guy is hilarious. Don’t make a big deal about it like the illegal aliens in Miami who destroyed the Marlin’s season by attacking Ozzie Guillen when he made a joke about Fidel Castro. They handcuffed Ozzie’s explosive atitude and tried to get him fired so the Marlins were not motivatd after that. Ron Artest is a personality like Guillen and shows love to his family and friends. If Ozzie didn’t have to put up with that illegal alien crap in the Banana Republic of Miami Florida (NOT PART OF THE USA), they would have won the division. I went to the final game yesterday from West Palm Beach driving to IllegalAlienLand and saw an empty BRAND NEW stadium built with Taxpayer funds. They should hav built that stadium north of the border in Broward or Palm Beach County so US Citizens would have watched the games !!!

  • Joseph Blake

    I’m a die hard Lakers fan for over 40 yeras. Mr. Artest…I love you as our enforcer on the team. We need someone at times to act crazy and intimidate those soft players in the league. But as far as intellect….you are one stupid individual. Just because a man is white doesn’t make him smart. There are many smart black and white people out there. I’m from NYC, am Black and went to Catholic school and college as you did. But I consider myself as quite intelligent with a Masters degree unlike your dumb, ignorant ass. I’m starting to believe what people say about your obvious psychosis. Joe Blake of Syracuse, NY

  • Tom

    What if he’s right?

  • JPuzzleWhiz

    You must get a lot of grief for being a Laker fan in Knick territory.

    • Hurricane-PV

      Actually,neither case applies. Thanks for the comment.

  • Mike Lopez

    You are a idiot. Something as sensitive as the remarks made by Guillen about a Presisent who has destroyed a nation, yet alone families that have been torn apart. You have to be a a uneducated redneck who lives in a trailer park in West Palm Beach but justify yourself by not mentioning it. Now, if Steve Nash said that Kobe is not so smart because he got caught cheating because he’s black, would have been national headlines.

    By the way, the former President of Coca-Cola was Cuban. So please, but some anti-rust coating on your trailer a wash out your spitbucket.

  • patrick snowden

    Does anyone really take Ron seriously I dont but if it were a white player making a bad joke about a black player people would be rioting?

  • Genie Regodos

    Ron Artest is partly correct and partly wrong!

  • Genie Regodos

    There should be no white or black, brown or yellow. Come on… we are all created equal by our creator. Look up and we should not be offended about our skin color. It has nothing to do with what is inside of us.