Ryan and Sanchez comment on Monday night’s disaster

Rex Ryan’s body language as the seconds ticked off the New York Jets’ last gasp for a playoff shot said it all.

rex-ryan-sanchezRyan’s reckless use of foul language, the shoulder bump/check of his ailing quarterback Mark Sanchez, the half-hearted mid-field handshake with Tennessee Titans coach Mike Munchak and the pouty stomp off the field told us everything that we need to know.

Ryan is angry. As he should be. But he should point the finger at himself. He was the ringleader for the worst kind of pigskin circus.

The Jets lost a horribly played game to the Tennessee Titans. Save a breakaway  94-yard  run by Titans’ running back Chris Johnson who only does that kind of thing every so often, both teams shamed the tradition of Monday Night Football.

Coming into this thing, we all  but knew  the Titans were on the low-end of mediocre.

The Jets we knew were prone to fits of comedy.

But this?

This was bad.

This was so bad that after losing control of the ball in the waning moments of the fourth quarter, the football gods blessed New York with a final chance to right the ship on a gift-wrapped shanked punt by punter Brett Kern that went out of bounds at the Titans 25.

There was :47 second left.

One quick zip to the sideline could have easily set up at least three shots into the endzone for the win, provided that each failed attempt was an incomplete pass.

It was right there.

And what happens?

A fumbled snap that becomes a turnover.

Final score? 14-10

It just looked awful.

Especially after Sanchez threw four interceptions.

All that he had to say for himself was that: “I made a couple of mistakes that I shouldn’t have made again,” Sanchez told the New York Post. “It doesn’t feel good, and I’ve got to learn from them and play better for us to win.”

“It doesn’t feel good hurting your team like that,” Sanchez said.

Ryan commented on how he felt in what will be known as this edition of the Jets’ defining moment.

“It’s all riding on it all right there,” Ryan said. “You’re still alive, think you have a chance to win the football game and then for that last play to happen … it was as bad as it gets.”

“It’s a devastating loss, out of the playoffs, and it hurts beyond belief,” Ryan said. “I think the thing that really hurts the most is we’ve got no one to blame but ourselves.”

In a twist the surprises no one, Ryan is refusing to name a starting quarterback for the Jets’ final two fiascos of 2012.

Who should Ryan start moving forward?

  • vita deriso

    GREAT DEFENSE despite all the injuries.

    Sanchez is washed up and done. It doesn’t matter what the Jets do with him now, the season is over for all intents and purposes. As for next season, Rex can stay, but Sanchez and the OC has to leave town.