Sidney Crosby: A Big & Bold Return

Pittsburgh Penguins center Sidney Crosby is without a doubt one of the most fearless competitors is sports. This is not because he stepped back onto the ice after overcoming post-concussions symptoms. That in itself is no small feat especially now that we are receiving more data about the foggy world of concussions. It is how he did it.

That how is not a signal to marvel at his four point (two goals, two assists) contribution to the November 21st game against the New York Islanders either.

That how is the pace at which Crosby returned to the ice. There was not one ounce of rust in his game that much we saw. He skated with the power and the shiftiness that earned him the title of “the next great one.”

He provided a clear direction for his teammates during his playing time both in his cues and in his performance. The Stanley Cup winner put on a clinic in the one game where had had every reason to be hesitant as he dipped his toes back into the water for the first time since January.

Instead, he treated his re-entry with the respect that it deserved. He gave the fans the triumph that they came to see and he gave sports fans as a whole something to talk about for some time to come.

It’s rare that these moments of magic happen. But when they do, make a mental footnote of it, so you can share the story with your grandkids.

With 61 games left on the Penguins schedule, sit back and watch the fireworks. Sidney Crosby has just made his intentions known.

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