Los Angeles Lakers Steve Nash: I’m not myself

At 39-years-old, its doubtful that anybody with sense expected point guard Steve Nash to be a miracle worker in Los Angeles. But, Laker Nation certainly expected more than what they have received thus far and Nash is owning up to the fact that something is wrong.


After the Lakers were pounded by the San Antonio Spurs to kickoff the first round of the NBA playoffs on Sunday, Nash spoke with the Los Angeles Times and said that despite his multiple injuries, something is still wrong.

“I’m not myself,” Nash said. “I’m not moving that well. I’m struggling a little bit. I probably had a few shots in there that I probably normally make, but I still think it’s important to try and contribute. We don’t have enough points in our lineup every night.”

The latter part of Nash’s statement refers to the missing link of Kobe Bryant who has taken his show on over to Twitter.

Nash stated that he is just going to fight through what ails him and find a way to step his game up.

“There’s no miracle pill at this point. I can’t go home and say I’m not 75-80% so I’m not going to play,” said Nash, who had three assists in 29 minutes. “I’ve got to try to fight and figure out a way to just help.”

There is a contingent out there that feels that after their horrific start, that the Lakers should find solace in the fact that they even made the playoffs.

Its very doubtful that the locker room feels that way.

Look for the Lakers to emerge and take the fight right back to the Spurs moving forward.

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