The Curious Case Of What The Green Bay Packers Will Do With Donald Driver.

Its crazy how as the world-at-large is observing the Packers at the moment and simply focusing on their empty bid for a repeat Super Bowl entry. That should be their biggest story but it is not the only story that Packers fans and observers should be focused on.

Donald Driver

What comes to mind is the mere idea that there is a possibility that WR Donald Driver may have played his last game in a Packers uniform.

They may technically have depth of skill at that position but after the show of stone hands at that position this past weekend, they definitely do not have depth of heart.

Through it all over the past 13 years, Driver has been the rock of that offense. Through Brett Favre and now Aaron Rodgers, Driver has been more than just a stats cruncher as he became the franchise’s best on paper, he has been the clutch guy when it came time to get it done.

Even as TE Jermichael Finley and their true number one wide out Greg Jennings dropped the proverbial ball when it all was on the line, Driver made the big catches at the big times when his number was called.

Without Driver and some help from the referees, Sunday’s affair not only would not only have been the most shocking game of the post season, it would have been the most embarrassing.

Veterans moving on is a part of the sports business.  The days of one guy staying within one organization by and large is over. It’s a myth that most of us are too young to remember and a luxury that our parents and grandparents long for.

However as the Packers  mull over their options with safety Nick Collins, Finley and others, they would be wise to keep Driver around.

For one thing, he wants to stay but he has apparently accepted his fate as he told reporters as he cleaned out his locker on Monday. “I think you get to a point where you have to prepare yourself for this situation,” Driver said. “You never think it will come. I think one guy played here a long time, he didn’t expect that to come either, but it came. And for him, it’s a little bitter. For me, I think I prepared myself for it that it won’t be bitter at all. It’s business, and I have to do what I have to do.”

We all know who that one guy is. And let us hope that the Packers as an organization do the right thing or at the very least handle it with more class than they did that situation.

To be fair, Driver’s 2012 price tag is pretty steep and close to the $5 million mark if you figure together  base salary plus his roster bonus. It’s hard to imagine any team in the NFL coming off that kind of money for a 37 year old player in the sunset of his career.

It would make sense that Driver would renegotiate his deal for a fair market price to finish his career where he created all of his memories. He’s a stand-up guy who has mentored each and every one of the new breed of stars that they current toss the rock to.

Of course a team can’t keep rosters spots open for guys just because they have done well in the past. They can’t keep rosters spots open for guys just because they are loved and adored by their community.

But they can keep a roster spot open for a guy that even now is their best bet in a  do-or-die circumstance. Especially when this man has performed well in the past and is loved and adored by the community. See how the situation changes when you add in that third ingredient? C’mon Green Bay, do the right thing.  Do this one for  Driver and most importantly the legacy of your franchise.

How did Driver get here in the first place? Watch the below.

  • Chris Lindsay

    New England seems to undervalue wide receivers, maybe Driver will end up there?

    I don’t know, National Football Post writer Andrew Brandt mentioned before that Driver has routinely taken less than market value in order to re-sign with the Packers. I have to think he’s still worth the veteran’s minimum (and would likely take it for a one-year deal)?

  • Patrick

    Where exactly is the facebook like link ?