The facts behind Elvis Dumervil’s arrest.

Elvis Dumervil’s police report that coincided with his weekend arrest reads like a storyline for the latest installment of the Grand Theft Auto video games series.

As sensational as the news reports are, they only seemed to tell a portion of the story, so it was worth finding the police report to see what it was that prompted Dumervil to be charged with aggravated assault.

It needs to be stated somewhere that even though he was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm, he did not  beat down, pistol whip or discharge a weapon of any kind.

This story has become one big tall-tale and its important that we are at least fair in the court of public opinion.

So this whole thing is about road rage or something similar to it.

Dumervil and his co-defendant Andy Auguste were driving along Miami’s Ocean Drive in a gray Range Rover Saturday afternoon. They were following a silver Mercedes Benz.

In doing so a White Impala being driven by a wife with her husband as the passenger, merged in between both cars.

According to the police report, that’s when things went south as horns blew, verbal threats were exchanged by both parties and names were called.

Both cars came to a stop and Auguste allegedly walked up to the male’s side of the car with his waistband exposed to reveal a firearm as he made verbal threats.

Dumervil allegedly walked to the female’s side of the car, also revealing a firearm but he remained silent.

This is where Victoria Secret comes in. This whole mess transpired in front of one of their stores and it was one of their employees that called the police stating that an African American male was threatening a Hispanic male occupying an Impala and his co-victim.

One of their employees added on to the victim’s account of the details stating that before Auguste and Dumervil approached their car, the male got out of their Impala and screamed directly at Dumervil’s vehicle.

It was also stated by the witness that the female victim that was driving the Impala got out of their car and threw an unknown object at  Dumervil’s Range Rover that landed a direct hit.

The victim’s actions all took place according to the witness before Dumervil and Auguste approached their Impala.

Allegedly, once Auguste and Dumervil made their approach the occupants of the Impala “quickly” accelerated past the Mercedes in an “attempt to retreat.”

The police obviously arrested Dumervil and Auguste, towed the Range Rover and discovered additional firearms in Dumervil’s car.

Additional charges were not filed in regards to those weapons so it is safe to assume that they were legal.

If this is all true as it has been presented, the victims failed to tell the police what actions that they took to escalate the situation.

But in all sincerity, I know we can all get angry during traffic related standoffs but what Dumervil should be charged with is not thinking things through before he did something stupid.

I get it, don’t start nothing won’t be nothing.  How easy would it have been to think to yourself ‘I’m rich, and I have a lot more money to lose. Do I really need to have the last word here?’

Truthfully, if the facts as reported by the police are correct, Dumervil just took it one step further than most of us have done at one point or another.

Traffic drama is what it is and though most of us have the good sense to at worst let our middle finger do the talking, Dumervil took it beyond where it should have gone but not as far as it could have gone.

But let’s be real here, lord knows what was said between the Range Rover and the Impala and when people leave their car screaming and throwing things at your car, you have one second to process your next step.

But that one step is a crucial one when like it or not you are supposed to be a role model.

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  • Allan

    A big point is made in what actually started the argument in the first place. What is Dummerville doing with a firearm in his car however? I have lots of firearms, but I don’t carry them around in my car. Your a main piece of a team that has a lot of promise and is less than two weeks from training camp, what are you thinking? Why are you in Miami anyway? You play in Denver, that is now your hometown! if you are serious about your career you would be in Denver learning the new defense from a new DC. While Doom will get off of this, he had better learn a lesson of being a professional and not being a punk out to show off his bling! Your making enough to solve all money problems for your family for generations to come, why would you even think of jeopardizing that? If you want to act like a bum then do after you retire!

  • Broncos Fan 12

    I have a Colt 1911 .45 ACP that I carry at ALL times in my car. For this EXACT reason. There are a lot of crazy a-holes out there with guns in their cars and anger management problems. I don’t want to be a victim to someone like that.

    Dumervil is lucky he didn’t get shot.

    • Allan

      If you don’t act like a doink then there isn’t a problem and you don’t need a gun!

      • Allan

        And beside that, what are you going to do, shoot them and go to jail for life? That is retarded! Get real and understand the circumstances!

  • broncos101

    At what point do you stop acting like a thug and become a positive member of society. Allan you have it right. What if they have a gun and some innocent kid on the beach gets shot because he wants to show he isnt going to get pulled out on…. What would a normal person that didnt have the money to get out of trouble get. Throw the book at him. These players think the are above the law. wow, what about menace to society.

  • LLamaLima

    I live in denver, I love the Broncos! However, this conduct is ridiculous. The only time I carry in my car is when I go to the shooting range. I certainly don’t have a gun tucked into my waistband.

    I don’t think we should be holding out our athletes as role models. That isn’t their job. If they want to be exemplary citizens like Tebow or Peyton, then great!

    Dumervil obviously isn’t part of that culture. Hopefully he will learn from this and think next time before he acts. What if someone pulled a gun and shot him in the knee? Bye, bye career…

  • stephan maurice

    I like the guy that names his gun the model and year, that’s funny. I am sure the graveyard is full of guys he has killed. I have travel all over Colombia S.A. in the most gurrillas infest jungles Don’t carry a gun, never needed one don’t want one. I do humanitarian work, bigger the gun more trouble you gonna have. Just cause you have a gun don’t mean your going to win the fight. Was with the 82nd airborne in vietnam, I know too well how to use a firearm, and that’s not the way to go. If you think so then you are looking on the darkside of your life.


    first off they were threatened on at least 2 ocassions second they drew thier weapons they were simply attempting to prevent the aggressors from fleeing they idgets cut off 2 seperate cars were trying flee afterthier mouth overrode ass back-up also fla is a stand your ground state understand why they would have rage being stuck inmiami with only the dullfins root for inconclusion why carry in your car its legal and the attempt was to deescalate