The Five NFL Teams With The Least Amount of Cap Space.

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The Atlanta Falcons, The New Orleans Saints, The Carolina Panthers, The Baltimore Ravens and the Dallas Cowboys are in deep trouble right now.

Each of these teams have needs to fill and in most cases less that two million dollars left to spend to fill them.

Let’s take a look.

Team: Atlanta Falcons

Cap room: $1,166,000

The Deal: When reports surfaced just before the start of free agency that the Falcons were going to enter the Mario Williams sweepstakes, the front office rolled their eyes and said ‘yeah right.’

Williams was the right guy available for the team at simply the wrong time.

Money or lack thereof is most likely the primary reason why MLB Curtis Lofton was allowed to slide to their bitter division rivals the New Orleans Saints.

This year the Falcons are shelling out big bucks to guys like Matt Ryan ($11.5 million), the franchised Brent Grimes ($10.43 million) and Roddy White ($5.5 million).

In those three players the birds have 27.43 million dollars invested out of the $120.6 million dollar salary cap allotment for 2012.

Other Falcons that are getting large chunks are CB Duanta Robinson ($5 million) and RB Michael Turner ($5 million).

It’s not a help either the team is coming off the hip for guys like DE bust Jamal Anderson ($990,625.00) that are not even in the roster anymore.

With no room to breathe and a couple of other roster spots to fill, the Falcons will buy low and make very few waves going into next season.

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